Create a Relaxing Experience in Your Shower

Oxygenics 5900 Adjustable SlideBar, Nickel

The Oxygenics adjustable shower slide bar is a great addition to a shower head with hose. The shower slide bar is mounted with adhesive strips to the shower wall and can be raised or lowered to the desired height. The slide bar is also available in Chrome finish.

  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable height
  • Price: $49.98
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    Minimize Contact with Germs by using a Motion Activated Trashcan

    Nine Stars Group USA Inc DZT-42-1 11.1 Gallon Motion Sensor Trashcan

    This Nine Stars’ Motion Sensor Trash Can offers the latest in Infrared Motion Sensor Technology. This technology allows consumers to have little or no contact with trash. By avoiding or limiting contact with trash the chance of contracting germs that can lead to sickness or disease is decreased. In addition, these waste receptacles are perfect for the physically challenged since the opening of the lid occurs by detecting motion.

    Nine Stars engineers spent hundreds of hours making adjustments in an effort to create the perfect fitting lid. Those efforts resulted in a tight fitting lid that insures odors will be kept inside the trash can. The lid also opens very efficiently and quietly.

  • Hands-free, infrared motion activated operation
  • Opens with a wave of the hand or object
  • Very quiet operation
  • Opens and closes 10,000 times before needing battery replacement
  • Price: $58.94
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    Also available in 13.2 Gallon Trashcan and 18.5 Gallon Recycle Trashcan

    Available Today! Compact, Easy to Install Safe

    Secure Logic 20730 ezVault

    The Secure Logic 20730 ezVault line of safety devices was developed in 2003 by ETL®as an answer to the rise in home thefts and identity fraud through mail theft. The Secure Mail Vault was the first product developed under the brand and today the line has steadily grown into a collection of some of the world’s most innovative, hidden home vaults. The ezVault offers Remote Control Entry with a range of up to 30 feet, the remote control can be stored in a hidden location. The vault can be activated and opened with fast convenience. The glow in the dark Keypad Entry allows you to gain ease of access to your belongings without the hassle of carrying around another key. A Hidden Key Entry is also present for your convenience.

  • Auto: Perfect for concealing firearms, going to the gym, long trips, and much more!
  • Home: Installs anywhere in your house, under your bed, in the closet, garage, you name it ezVault will secure it!
  • Office: Make sure your identity and important documents are safe and secure.
  • Recreation: On-the-go? Perfect for RVs, boats, hunting and more!
  • Price: $129.00
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    Add an Innovative Video Intercom System to your Family’s Home

    Comelit USA 8495BU Planux 1 Family Intercom Kit, Black

    Everything you need to install a high-tech video intercom system is included in this kit! Keep your family safe by identifying visitors before they enter your home. For residential or commercial applications where access control is a concern, the system safeguards your entrance while remaining user-friendly. Comelit USA intercoms offer peace of mind because users can safely identify visitors before answering the door. Simply by ringing the doorbell, the system transmits live audio and video directly to the monitor.

  • Comes with everything you need to add a video intercom system to your home
  • Features a 3.5″ Color LCD Monitor
  • Identify visitors before letting them into your home
  • Automatically transmits live video and audio when the doorbell is rung
  • Price: $690.99
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    New Intwine Energy IECT-220 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Thermostat Now Aavailable!

    Intwine Energy IECT-220 Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat

    The IECT-220 is a full-featured internet-connected programmable thermostat. When programmed properly the IECT-220 is capable of saving homeowners 15-20% on heating and cooling costs or close to $200 annually (Energy Star). Realizing these savings has never been simpler with the ability to remotely monitor and control the IECT-220 with Intwine’s consumer web-portal and iPhone app! With the IECT-220 and Intwine’s connectivity solution, there is finally a completely flexible platfrom capable of simultaneously fulfilling the needs of both energy providers and consumers.

  • The IECT-220 communicates over IEEE 802.11 protocol and is compatible with standard Wi-Fi access points
  • Remotely monitor and control the IECT-220 along with other Intwine Personal Energy Network devices on Intwine’s intuitive consumer web portal
  • Intwine’s iPhone application gives users additional control on-the-go
  • Web-based access empowers users to manage energy usage with direct monitoring and control over the largest loads in the home: heating and cooling
  • Easy registration and installation
  • Intwine’s connectivity platform enables two-way communication between utilities and consumers to strengthen this relationship
  • Web interface and connectivity software can be customized to meet utility and OEM needs
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD touch screen display
  • 100% compatible with all popular residential central heating and cooling systems
  • Price: $329.99
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    Instant Light Anywhere you Need it

    GE 17455 LED Wall Sconce

    This charming battery operated sconces give a hard-wired look without the damaging effects. Four warm white LEDs enhance any room and modern colors and styles are perfect for any home – old or new. Using simple keyhole mounting slots, it can be hung anywhere you need an area brightened up by the long lasting LED lights. Use this energy efficient light for everyday lighting, or spice things up. This product requires the use of four AA batteries.

  • Battery operated – no wiring needed
  • Two operating modes – motion sensing and manual on/off
  • Long-life LEDs – no bulb to replace
  • Easy mounting to wall (hardware included)
  • Warm white light stays bright
  • Price: $34.99
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    Transform your Room with the Projectables™ LED Projection Night Light

    GE 11282 Solar System Projectable

    Transform your room with the Projectables LED Projection Night Light. The small round globe uses LEDs to project a solar system image on the wall or ceiling. The projection night light makes it easy to see in the dark while enjoying a projected image of planets and stars. A bright blue glow illuminates the globe, perfect for guiding you through the night. The Projection Night Light is great for a child’s room.

  • Projects a 3 ft (approx) solar system image on a 8 ft to 12 ft ceiling
  • Long-life LED – no bulbs to replace
  • Light Sensing – on at dusk, off at dawn
  • Energy efficient
  • Cool to the touch
  • Price: $6.98
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