15 Smart Kitchen Appliances for 2019

Smart kitchen appliances are emerging. From having a nice hot cup of coffee ready on a cold winter morning, If you’ve spent as much time as us in the kitchen over the holiday period, perhaps you were wondering how kitchens, in general, have remained so cord-dependent and dumb as the rest of your house keeps getting smarter.

Well, kitchen tech has been advancing rapidly, perhaps without you being aware of it. Today, we’re here to show you how you can inject a healthy dose of smarts into your kitchen for 2019.

Firstly, we’ll take a brief look at how cords in the kitchen might go the same way as those severed by cord-cutters kissing goodbye to their cable services. Once we’ve taken a glimpse at the near future, we’ve then curated a list of 15 of the very smart kitchen appliances and devices so you can get going right now instead of waiting for what might develop in 2020 and beyond.

Are Cordless Kitchens and Wireless Electricity Coming Soon?

One of the most annoying things about any smart kitchen appliance is that however many intelligent devices you invest in, you’ve still got that bugbear of trailing cords everywhere along with overloaded extenders since you inevitably won’t have quite enough outlets for all your appliances.

The Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) is on the cusp of creating a new standardization that will help manufacturers to build out and roll out smart kitchen appliances to make those cables a thing of the past.

If you think about it, this technology is already in place outside of the smart home. Those wireless charging stations you see for cellphones in 7-Eleven and McDonald’s use the Qi standard developed by the WPC.

While WPC is only tasked with standardization, chairman Hans Kablau hedges his bets and suggest that 2019 might be the year we see this technology make its way into home kitchens.

The great news for smart home consumers already used to the rigors of compatibility is this…

Due to the proven success of the Qi standard, many of the major smart home players have already gladly signed up for the Kitchen Working Group. A win-win for manufacturers and consumers both, you should experience no issues with interoperability once the wireless kitchen becomes commonplace. And that might be far sooner than you thought so watch this space.

15 of The Best Smart Appliances and Devices For Your Kitchen

This is by no means an exhaustive look at the labor-saving smart kitchen appliances currently up for grabs. We just wanted to give you a rounded overview of what you can do right away if your kitchen is lagging behind the rest of your connected home.

After all, the idea of truly wireless kitchens and robotic helpers to do all your chopping might be enticing but they’re not doing you much good today so read on and see which of these smart kitchen devices takes your fancy…

Smart Grocery Ordering

1) Amazon Dash

You can pop Amazon Dash Buttons just about anywhere in your smart home but what are they and why does the kitchen make an ideal home for them?

One of the snags with smart devices is it seems like you’re constantly needing to reach for your smartphone or tablet rather than doing what you need there and then. When you’re using your phone as a universal remote, this is not a problem but how about if you want to order supplies? If you need to hustle over to your laptop or pull out your phone, you’re not really saving too much time are you?

With Dash, you’ll get a slimline device that instantly orders items you’ve already pre-selected from Amazon. Whether it’s more toilet tissue or washing powder, just push a button and you’ll get what you need ordered over your home WiFi network. You can create Virtual Dash Buttons but we warned this is one of Amazon’s many tricks to entice you into a Prime membership as the products need to be available through that paid service.

A Dash Wand gives you even more robust functionality. You’ll be able to scan barcodes or use Alexa to issue voice commands to this WiFi-enabled kitchen assistant taking your grocery shopping into the 21st century and sidestepping the need to fire up a secondary device.

The entire Dash experience is effectively rolled out free since you’ll get the price of the device in credit off your first order once you’ve registered. We’d remind you again that you will need an Amazon Prime membership so it’s not entirely altruistic on the part of Amazon but what price can you put on your time?

Smart Utensils

2) HAPIFork Bluetooth Fork

We looked recently at what might crop up at CES 2019 and the surprise star of the show a few years back was not a robot or a flying car but a fork. A Bluetooth fork no less!

Fast forward and HAPFork is now helping consumers the world over to keep tabs on their eating habits and to use this data to improve the way they eat.

All you need to do is pair this smart utensil with your phone or tablet using Bluetooth and you’ll get feedback on whether or not you’re eating too quickly. Visual and vibrating real-time indicators help you to slow down if you’re gutting back your meal.

The reason for eating slowly is sound: since it takes perhaps 15 or 20 minutes to feel full, if you eat quickly, you’ll be far more likely to take more calories on board than you need. Dial things back and you can do your waistline a favor without needing to alter what you eat or spend hours in the gym. HAPIFork can help you achieve this for the price of a restaurant meal.

Alongside real-time prompts, data is uploaded to HAPI.com so you can enjoy more detailed analysis and even coaching if you feel the need.

This is absolutely not a device for everyone, but if you’re prone to overeating and fancy trying a different approach to that doomed diet, what have you got to lose? A few pounds maybe!

3) SmartPlate

Are you following a Keto diet where you need to constantly calculate your macros?

Maybe you’re opting for a regular calorie-controlled eating plan and you’re tired of all that messing around with pen and paper?

SmartPlate TopView is marketed as an Intelligent Wellbeing Platform but what does that mean?

Well, with photo recognition and advanced AI, this nifty little smart plate using WiFi or Bluetooth to identify, analyze and measure out what you plan to eat so you can get calorie count and portion control is taken care of with your own virtual kitchen assistant.

The app syncs with both Fitbit and MyFitnessPal so you can keep a close track on what you’re eating and you’ll also get plenty of recommendations to help you improve your diet by eating better foods.

As well as stats on weight management and portion control, you can also see metrics like blood glucose, carbs, hydration levels, and overall strength.

If your current eating plan needs a little smartening up, why not consider this new approach with SmartPlate TopView?

Smart Thermometer

4) MEATER True Wireless Smart Thermometer

With your groceries intelligently ordered, the meat is cooking for that post-holiday family meal. If you’d sooner spend more time catching up and less time constantly monitoring the progress of your gas grill, oven or rotisserie, you might be in the market for the world’s first completely wireless smart thermometer.

You’ll be able to keep an eye on proceedings in-app on your Android or iOS smartphone and tablet. A pair of sensors will alert you to the internal temperature of your meat along with the ambient temperature. Guided cooking is a wonderful touch and, if you’re highly proficient in the kitchen already, you can fine-tune alerts to fully personalize your cooking experience.

Use Bluetooth or WiFi to optimize range so you can relax down in your man cave with your brother-in-law while staying within reach of your cooker. In the true spirit of smart homes, you can even ask Alexa when your meat will be done so why not treat yourself and spend more time with the family this year and less stuck out in the kitchen?

Smart Cookers and Microwaves

5) Masterbuilt Smart Digital Electric Smoker

Are you partial to a bit of smoking out on the patio?

Masterbuilt offer a first-class 30-inch smoker with well over 700 square inches of cooking space but a twist worthy of any connected home…

The onboard Bluetooth connectivity lets you take charge at a distance from your smartphone. From powering on your smoker through to monitoring the temperature and cooking time, you’ll be able to keep your eye on progress even if you’ve popped back indoors to catch up with the football match.

As well as all these smarts, you’ll get four smoking racks coated with chrome and the ability to enjoy meat and fish at its very best without endlessly running in and out of the garden. And if you’re spending time out in the yard anyway, you’ll still have a first-class smoker capable of consistent smoking up to 275 degrees so what’s not to love?

6) Smart Crockpot with We-Mo

We’ll assume if you’re a smart home fan, you’ve got a busy lifestyle and you’re always looking for hacks to save you time without compromising quality. A slow cooker is a great way to make use of the time when you’re away from home to get all the legwork for dinner done but how about if you feel uneasy leaving any cooking appliance unattended, even if it’s meant to be perfectly safe?

The legendary Crock-Pot lets you enjoy all the advantages of a regular slow cooker while gifting you remote access in-app on your cell phone. You’ll need iOS 7 and higher or Android 4.0 and higher then you can grab the free WeMo app and take complete charge of your crockpot even if you get held up at the office.

If you’re at home and using the Crock-Pot, you won’t need WiFi making it a great standalone device even if you’re not bothered about remote access. You will need connectivity if you want to tweak it from afar but we’ll assume any readers of Smart Home have a WiFi network already in place.

With a 6-quart capacity capable of providing nutritious, fresh meals for the whole family, ramp things up to the next level with this awesome smart slow cooker, one of our favorite gadgets of last year and still getting heavy use as we edge into 2019.

7) Anova WiFi and Bluetooth Sous-Vide Cooker

If you’ve been watching Heston Blumenthal in action and you’re aren’t quite ready for liquid nitrogen but fancy trying some sous-vide cookery, maybe you’re put off by the thought of the effort involved.

This innovative method of cooking vacuum-sealed food locks in all the flavors and tenderness without ever drying your ingredients out but it can be a laborious affair. Unless, of course, you invest in this smart sous-vide cooker from Anova. You’ll then be able to leave things simmering away in the kitchen while you use either Bluetooth or WiFi to exercise complete remote control over proceedings.

You’ll get a device that’s easy to use, even easier to clean and comes with fully 1000 recipes to get those creative juices flowing.

Take things to new levels in the kitchen in 2019 with the Precision Cooker from Anova.

8) AmazonBasics Microwave

After taming some of those more complex cooking methods, perhaps you still appreciate the utilitarian nature of a traditional microwave.

How would you like to be able to control that microwave with your favorite digital assistant, though? Well, the pocket-friendly AmazonBasics range now boasts an Alexa-enabled microwave making your wish come true. You will need Echo Dot so you can buy the two appliances bundled together or roll with just the microwave if you already have Alexa in the house.

Alongside this nifty smart feature, you’ll get a user-friendly microwave with 10 power levels and a child lock so you’ll be getting a solid appliance not just a needless gimmick.

Smart Coffee Machine

9) Smarter WiFi 12-Cup Coffee Maker

If you’re always rushing around in the morning and perpetually late for work, would it help you if you came down into the kitchen to a steaming coffee waiting for you?

Smarter offer a rock-solid coffee machine capable of delivering bean-to-cup drinks thanks to an onboard grinder or filter coffee if you prefer that route to buy fresh beans.

The differentiating factor with this coffee maker, though, is not the way it makes your coffee. The market is glutted with great machines, many notably cheaper. Where Smarter excels, as the name suggests, is giving you remote control of your machine from your smartphone, something that makes it stand out in a crowded vertical.

As an added bonus, you can even reorder your favorite supplies using the Smarter app so you can fully automate your gourmet coffee experience at home while setting yourself an alarm in-app so you wake to a piping hot pot giving you more time to spend with your kids before you leave for work.

As with any robust smart device, you can use both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant while also creating IFTTT applets for full interoperability with other devices in your connected home.

Smart Cocktail Maker and Scale

10) Perfect Drink PRO Scale and Recipe App

With your coffee all set up to start the day, how about something a little stronger when you come home from a hard day at work?

Use your iPhone or iPad, Android phone or tablet, and even Amazon Nook to make impeccable cocktails while the app alerts you when it’s time to stop with one ingredient and move onto the next.

From single shots to party pitchers, this scale and linked recipe app is by no means a smart home essential but it’s certainly a neat and relatively inexpensive way of taking Cocktail out of the 80s and into the rapidly approaching 20s.

You’ll get everything you need including down to the tumbler. All you need to buy is the alcohol to get the smart party started!

Smart Fridges

11) Samsung Family Hub 3.0

With all those smart kitchen appliances in hand, you’ll need somewhere to store all the ingredients to go in them and you could make few better investments for your connected kitchen in 2019 than Samsung’s outstanding Family Hub, an enduring success now into its third iteration.

The huge 21 ½-inch screen makes it seem more like a giant tablet than a fridge and you’ll even be able to mirror your Samsung Smart TV. There are 3 cameras inside which you can monitor in-app and the display can be used as a memo, shopping list and general notepad for all the family.

Samsung’s inimitable digital assistant Bixby is baked in and thanks to SmartThings, your fridge can be turned into a hub for your connected home. You can monitor your video doorbell and security cameras and even a dimmer switch to control your lights on or off without needing to leave the kitchen.

Make no mistake, all this tech comes at quite a price but when you consider that upscale dumb fridges are by no means cheap, if you’ve got the budget to spare, you’ll consider this great value rather than an expensive luxury. Samsung has shown us the future of smart fridges and they’re available today so what are you waiting for?

12) LG InstaView ThinQ

A smart fridge that’s not available today but coming very soon is the InstaView ThinQ from the smart home titan LG. Slated for release earlier this year, that launch didn’t materialize but the InstaView is ready to hit the shelves sometime very soon.

Alexa can read out recipes, ideal when your hands are covered with mess from chopping duties and can help you with your shopping list, too.

The bumper 29-inch screen, larger than many TVs, runs webOS and lets you use it as a cutting-edge scratchpad. By tapping the display, it’s rendered transparent in a wonderful sci-fi touch. You can see inside at a glance what food and drink remains and you can also keep an eye on the contents of your fridge remotely from your cellphone. Kiss goodbye to returning from work only to find you have no beers left!

Smart Trash Can

13) GeniCan

There can’t be too many smart kitchen appliances you’ll buy only to have them instantly relegated to the trash. Certainly not if you use our home automation blog as a guide anyway! One notable exception is GeniCan which slots directly onto your trashcan so you can scan the barcodes on all packaging as you throw it away. This will then be automatically added to your shopping list through the GeniCan app.

How about things with no barcode? GeniCan has that covered, too. Just scan your hand instead of packaging and you’ll be prompted to tell this intelligent device what you’d like added to your shopping list.

As an added kicker, you’ll even get alerts pinged to you when the trashcan is full so there’s no excuse for overflowing garbage and your whole shopping experience can become much more streamlined.


14) Drop

If your kitchen always seems like controlled chaos, how about removing the chaos altogether?

With Drop, you can take advantage of some fully connected scales linked to the potent Drop recipe app so you can create some pretty ambitious recipes even if you’re pretty far from a professional chef.

If you don’t fancy the idea of trashing your smart kitchen appliances in the pursuit of a tasty meal, everything Drop suggests is a one-bowl affair so you can keep your eating standards up while reducing washing-up to an absolute minimum.

You’ll also enjoy remote control and access of all compatible smart kitchen appliances and you can get significant help with your shopping lists into the bargain. The Drop community also adds a social element to this outstanding smart kitchen assistant that could be the wisest investment you make in 2019.

Smart Detectors

15) Multipurpose Gas and Leak Detector

With all those incredible smart kitchen appliances at your disposal, we’ll round out with something that should be a part of any smart kitchen: a flexible detector to make your life safer not just more convenient.

You’ll get a combination of a visual alarm and siren if any combustible gases are detected in the kitchen with this smart device from EG Air. You can keep your eye on key metrics on the simple but crisp display that gives you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

The inbuilt bonus is that this device uses very little electricity so you won’t be taking sensible safety precautions only to pay when your power bill hits the mat.

If you want to rest easy in your smart home, this is a modest but crucial investment that comes with a highly informative eBook to smart kitchen appliances and lifetime support so you can buy with complete confidence.

Final Word

Well, with 2019 just getting warmed up, we hope you’ve got some sound ideas for smart kitchen appliances so it’s in keeping with your home theater and the rest of your connected home.

Check out our home automation blog on a regular basis as we’re constantly coming up with information-packed guides and product reviews to make buying smart home kitchen appliances as easy for you as using them.

Happy New Year from all of us at Smart Home and come back soon!