About Us


A SmartLabs, Inc. company, Smarthome distributes SmartLabs’ proprietary lighting design products, including a full line of lighting and appliance automation products enabled with INSTEON™ technology. INSTEON is a powerful, wireless home-control networking technology that simply, affordably and reliably integrates systems in the home for improved comfort, safety, convenience and value. From starter kits to keypads to dimmers to computer interfaces, INSTEON-compatible products are affordable, easy-to-program devices that communicate over your home’s existing wiring AND over radio-frequency signals, a dual-mesh system that significantly increases signal reliability.

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2 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I´m launching Europe’s most exclusive designer home brand this autumn and want to see what you can offer me, but I´m not able to get answers to my mails and i there is no way i can find other than one mail to your company…

    By experience we are talking 100 houses from one year and 1000 within 6 years. It should be important both as a reference and in sale.

    reg. Frank Brubakken, Bridgehill, signature homes

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