MOSS Zombonitron Basic Robot Builder Kit

If you remember how much fun it was to build with toys like LEGOS as a kid then you remember sitting around for hours letting your creativity run wild as you create all types of contraptions. It’s because those days were so much fun that the MOSS Zombonitron is such a cool product. It’s a blast for adults to play with but suitable for a child and even educational for purposes of teaching about how robotics can work. You can create all types of wacky, weird and cool robots that can come to life and crawl, drive or walk upon completion. The best part is you won’t have to worry about any soldering  – so just like LEGOS you can disassemble your creation after you’re done playing with it and start fresh to create a new robot.

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Vacu Vin Snap-On Bottle Thermometer

Whites and reds, 90 point or 2 buck chuck, not all wines are meant to be treated the same and that also means serving temperature. The Snap-On Bottle Thermometer by Vacu Vin is the perfect device to help you serve and enjoy your bottle of vino at the proper temperature. This band encompasses the bottle and shows you the current temperature of the bottle and the liquid within. By having this easy to read item on you bottle, you will be able to know when it has come down or up to the desired temperature. For yourself to impress your friends or a great gift this unique with help you go from wino to wineaux.

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