May is National Hamburger Month!


Fun Fact: May is National Hamburger Month! We’ve got some products to help you celebrate all month long:

1. Cook your burger patties quickly and evenly with a Hamburger BBQ Basket

Hamburger BBQ Basket

  • Cooks multiple burgers at once
  • Constructed of chrome-plated iron wire for non-stick cooking and easy cleaning
  • Wooden handle stays cool to the touch and keeps your hands away from the flame

Set this hamburger basket onto your grill and you can be assured your burgers will stay intact and cook evenly. Multiple burgers can be placed inside the chrome plated iron basket. When the patties are ready to be flipped, simply turn the basket over and turn them over all at once. Flipping individual burgers takes up time, leaving opportunities for some patties to burn if you don’t get to them right away. With this burger basket, each patty will spends the same amount of time over the flame for even cooking. Batches of burgers can be churned out faster, giving you more time to sit back, relax, and enjoy your meal. Read More

2. Grilling doesn’t have to be a daytime event; grill anytime with this LED Grill Light

LED Grill Light

  • Powerful bright white illumination with four 50,000-hour LEDs that never need replacing
  • Cordless design mounts anywhere with heavy-duty 1-inch spring clamp
  • Flexible 18-inch neck bends to any angle

You’ll never need to replace these bulbs. Four LEDs can provide bright, white illumination for 50,000 hours. The flexible 18-inch neck bends to any angle. The LED Grill Light is outdoor- and salt-spray-tested for rugged durability. Read More

3. Make sure your burger is never under-cooked with the help of this BBQ thermometer

Meat Thermometer

  • Enjoy the party while the remote thermometer keeps an eye on the food
  • No more checking up on the meat every 2 minutes
  • Simultaneously monitors two types of meat or doneness levels

How many times have you watched the guests at your summer barbecue enjoy all the fun while you’re slaving over the grill making sure the chicken or chops don’t turn to charcoal? Now you can cook and mingle at the same time with the Dual-Probe Remote BBQ Thermometer! This electronic cooking assistant keeps an eye on your steaks and burgers while you rub elbows with your guests up to 100 feet away. Read More

4. Effortlessly keep your grill grease and grime free with the Grillbot Robotic BBQ Cleaner


  • Cleans hot or cold grills up to 250° F
  • Up to 100 uses per brush set
  • Single-push button operation
  • Built-in alarm, timer, and temperature sensor
  • Internal computer regulates speed and direction
  • 3 powerful electric motors and replaceable brushes

With the Grillbot Robotic BBQ Cleaner GBU102, you’ll be able to clean and remove food fat and grime buildup from your grilling surface without having to remove it yourself. The Grillbot is similar to the popular floor-cleaning Roomba, but is a single button operated robot with spinning brass brushes that remove buildup from your grilling surface as it pulls itself along. The Grillbot is designed to work on a gas or charcoal grill, and will clean a hot (up to 250°F) or cold grill surface.

The Grillbot is completely autonomous with an internal computer chip, and sensors that run on the rechargeable battery. Grillbot has a timer and alarm that are set up from the small LCD screen so you set it up post-grill and clean your grill surface between 10 minutes to 30 minutes, and the audible beeping alarm will let you know when Grillbot has finished cleaning, or if it has overheated (detected temperatures greater than 250°F). Grillbot can be programmed to perform a light or deep cleaning depending on how dirty your grill grates are. The brushes are easily removable and can be cleaned in your dishwasher to give you the best clean possible every time. The grill lid should be closed when using Grillbot so it doesn’t fall over the edge. Read More

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