Dashcam Records Driving Activities to Ensure You Always Have the Right Evidence in Case of an Accident

PAPAGO GoSafe Compact Dashcam, 720p

  • 126° viewing angle captures everything outside the windshield
  • Up to 32GB of memory for 560 minutes at 720p 30fps quality
  • Great for evidence in case of automobile accident
  • Real-time alerts and information ensure safer driving practices
  • Built-in G-Sensor supports emergency video file backup for accidents
  • Stop and Go, Light Reminder, and Motion Detection alerts while driving

Whether you’re keeping a record of driving activity in your company car, your child’s car, or your own car, you can rest assured you’ll have the right evidence in case of an accident with the PAPAGO Compact Dashcam! The GoSafe Compact Driving Video Recorder Safety System Dashcam GS110-US is a driving camera targeted at providing everyday drivers a safer solution to driving. The GoSafe camera records in 720p quality at 30 frames-per-second (FPS), and is coupled with a wide 126° lens which sees almost everything ahead of your car, even the letters and numbers on a license plate. Once the camera is turned on, it automatically starts a continuous loop of filing that overrides previous files if the memory fills up from an eight to 32GB sized SD memory card for 140 minutes to 560 minutes of footage.

Some additional features of the GoSafe cameras are the Stop and Go, Light Reminder, and Motion Detection alerts. The Stop and Go feature alerts you to move when the vehicle in front of you as moved; the Light Reminder reminds you to turn on your headlights when driving in low-lit or dark areas; and the Motion Detection which powers on when motion is detected and the car has been static for two minutes. The built-in G-Sensor also supports emergency video file backup when an accident occurs. Read More