Get a Facial as Often as You Want in the Comfort of your own Home for the Fraction of the Price!

ToiletTree TTP-FB01 Professional Skin Care System - Pink

  • Gentle massage actions stimulate new skin cell production
  • Ideal for preparation and removal of facial cosmetics
  • Energizes skin and leaves it sooth, soft, and radiant
  • Interchangeable brush heads for varying skin types
  • Rotating facial and body brush heads for deep cleansing and exfoliating
  • Reduce problem areas like oily skin, dry patches, fine lines, blemishes, and more

Don’t spend hundreds of dollars to get a facial at a salon. The ToiletTree Professional Skin Care System lets you enjoy the benefits of a professional facial in the comfort of your own home as often as you want and for a fraction of the price! Toilet Tree’s TTP-FB01 Professional Skin Care System is a water-resistant cleansing tool that helps polish away dead and dull skin by gently exfoliating away facial impurities for a rejuvenating spa experience at home and for a fraction of the cost. The skin care system supports four interchangeable rotating brush heads (soft exfoliator, medium exfoliator, pumice sphere, large body brush) to accommodate varying skin types and needs. Once you have chosen your brush head, the system uses a rotating motion to help better clean the skin, remove makeup particles, unclog pores, and stimulating skin renewal to give you softer, smoother skin. Changing between the brushes is as easy as pulling off the brush and snapping another one in place, so you can give yourself a nice skin massage while you shower. The Professional Skin Care System, along with a daily cleaning regimen, works even better when used with your current skin care treatment products to assist the following: stimulates skin renewal, improved overall skin clarity and appearance, dead skin cell removal, and smooth, soft, and energized skin. Read More