Detachable Toddler Bathtub and Shower Rinser

Rinse Ace 4231 Toddler Bathtub and Shower Rinser

  • 6′ hose with variable flow sprayer
  • Adapter for quick-connect to existing shower head
  • Lighter spray flow is more comfortable on toddler’s skin
  • Eliminates need for inefficient rinse cups and pitchers
  • Reduces wasted water
  • ray handle makes cleaning shower/bathtub easier task

Make bath time a little easier for both you and your toddler with the Toddler Bathtub and Shower Rinser. Simply connect the soft flow spray nozzle to your existing shower head and remove it when you’re finished! The Toddler Bathtub and Shower Rinser from Rinse AceĀ® gives parents complete control while bathing their toddler to prevent water and suds from getting in their eyes. An adapter easily installs on existing showerheads to allow quick connection of the 6 foot long spray hose when needed and simple removal when done. The soft flow of water from the sprayer will be more soothing on a toddler’s sensitive skin and it leads to a quicker, more efficient bath by spraying where you need it when you need it. The Toddler Bathtub and Shower Rinser will also help reduce the amount of wasted water by eliminating the need for rinse cups and pitchers, and preventing the need to keep a faucet running. A secondary benefit/use of the Rinser is for cleaning showers and bathtubs as it allows the user to spay hard to reach areas. Read More