Create Additional Storage Space in your Attic with these Joist Centers

Metro Products 350405 Attic Dek for 16-Inch Joist Centers (6-Pack)

  • Adds extra storage space to attics
  • Holds up to 250 lbs
  • Configure racks in any array to cover desired area
  • Easy to install

Make good use out of all that “wasted” space in your attic with these Attic Dek Joist Centers and instantly create extra storage space you never realized you had! Take advantage of all that unused storage space in your attic. Attic Dek for 16-Inch Joist Centers consists of racks that install easily in your unfinished attic space, whether it’s over your garage or under your roof. Since they hold up to 250 pounds each, you’ll find you suddenly have all the storage space you need.

Install the racks over joists that are 16 inches on center with the provided screws. These racks can be placed in a row or side-by-side in any configuration to fit your desired measurements. Just place the tabs face down and between joists, and screw them into place to secure. Read More

The Attic Dek is also available for 24-inch joist centers, sold separately.