Game Like You’ve Never Gamed Before with this Remote Controlled Ball

Sphero 2.0 Robotic Gaming Ball

  • App controlled augmented reality gaming
  • Compatible with iOS and Android systems
  • Over 25 different gameplay apps available
  • Alter the glowing color from the app
  • Multi-award winning product

It’s gaming like you’ve never seen before; introducing the Sphero 2.0 Robotic Gaming Ball that is app controlled and compatible for use with your Bluetooth-enabled iOS and Android smart devices (smartphone, tablet). Compete for high-scores or just enjoy playing over 25 different free augmented reality games and apps that are available for download in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store that will provide hours of non-stop fun for all ages. Augmented reality apps allow for you to turn any setting into a playable game as the app inserts digital representations of reality into the gaming screen you are viewing. For example, in Sphero’s popular The Rolling Dead game, the camera on your smart device will aide in the fun as it is used to view the setting in which your Sphero 2.0 is in. Once this is on your screen the app will then insert virtual zombies into the game on your screen forcing you to maneuver the robotic ball on the ground around them while using your virtual weapons to fend them off (screenshot below). Read More