8 Products to Help You Stay Warm and Cozy all Winter Long!

Check out these products that are sure to keep you warm and cozy all winter long!

1. COZY Products TT Toasty Toes Heated Foot Rest

COZY Products TT Toasty Toes Heated Foot Rest

  • 3 adjustable ergonomic positions provide stress relief on legs and feet and increases circulation
  • 2 heat settings for a customized level of comfort
  • Helps you stay productive in the workplace, or relax comfortably at home
  • Optional fleece cover (sold separately) snaps on for additional warmth & comfort

Toasty Toes delivers maximum comfort and heat to cold feet and legs at home or in the workplace. Save money by lowering the thermostat, while keeping your personal space warm with this angle-adjustable ergonomic foot rest. Gentle, radiant heat delivered directly from the warm surface to your legs and feet, while still remaining safe to the touch. The low wattage design keeps your toes cozy, without potential circuit overload. COZY personal heaters use a fraction of the energy of a typical space heater while keeping you perfectly comfortable. Read More

2. Cozy Products TT-COVER Toasty Toes Heated Foot Rest Cover

Cozy Products TT-COVER Toasty Toes Heated Foot Rest Cover

  • Fleece foot cover for Toasty Toes (heater sold separately)
  • Keeps your feet warmer than ever

The Cozy Products TT-COVER Toasty Toes Heated Foot Rest Cover is a fleece foot cover accessory that attaches to the Toasty Toes Footrest (sold separately). The foot cover keeps your feet warmer than ever. The soft fleece in combination with the gentle radiant heat from Toasty Toes Footrest provides additional comfot. Read More

3. COZY Products CL Cozy Legs

COZY Products CL Cozy Legs

  • Safe radiant & convection heat relieves cold feet and legs
  • Personal heater allows for lower room temperature settings
  • Convenient in-cord roller switch provides fingertip control
  • Use free-standing or wall-mounted
  • Lower electric bills by reducing need to heat whole room when cold

Keep yourself warm and toasty where ever some additional heat is needed with the Cozy Legs from Cozy Products. The Cozy Legs flat panel can be conveniently placed under a desk to keep your personal space warm or mounted it on a wall. A major benefit of Cozy Legs is that it allows you to save on energy costs in the winter by not running the heater to increase the temperature of a whole room, or home, when it isn’t necessary. With in-cord fingertip control, you can easily adjust the temperature of the Cozy Legs to your preference so you will be as comfortable as possible. Cozy Legs draws very little current to prevent dangerous circuit overload and blown breakers while also reducing the risk of fire. Read More

4. Heat & Clean HC-LPHS101 Interior Car Warmer and Windshield Defroster Heat Stick

Heat & Clean HC-LPHS101 Interior Car Warmer and Windshield Defroster Heat Stick

  • Turns on via a remote control with a range up to 200 feet
  • Easy-to-carry, portable design
  • Built-in clock and timer for automatic interior heating and windshield defrosting for a maximum of 20 minutes
  • The Heat Stick’s rechargeable batteries do not require the car or car engine to be turned on to operate
  • Two adjustable, forward and backward, 200 watt heaters for better dispersal of heat throughout the car

You no longer have to wait in a cold car and hold your hands to the heater waiting for the windshield to defrost. The Heat Stick Car Heater saves you time, money and protects the environment by keeping you warm without needing to turn on the car engine. The Heat Stick’s portable and easy-to-carry design does not require lengthy installation by an car service professional as it can be moved from vehicle to vehicle with ease. The Heat Stick uses two adjustable, forward and backward, 200 watt heaters that can be positioned in different directions to warm the car quicker than one specific area of the car. Read More

5. P3 International 3-in-1 Smart Warmer

P3 International 3-in-1 Smart Warmer

  • Hand warmer, charger and LED flashlight all-in-one
  • Heats-up as high as 104°F
  • Aluminum shell provides thermal conductivity
  • Rechargeable up to 500 times
  • USB powered

Keep your hands warm while the temperature outside starts dropping with the 3-in-1 Smart Warmer from P3 International. This Smart Warmer consists of a hand warmer, smartphone charger and LED flashlight that can be cycled between by twisting the rotating head. The warming function of the Smart Warmer can safely reach temperatures as high as 104°F to help ensure you can keep your fingers warm as the weather starts to get chilly. While on the warming function, LED indicator lights will illuminate to visually tell you the status of the warmer; when illuminated “red” the warmer is still heating up and when illuminated “green” the warmer has reached its peak temperature. The shell of the warmer is made of thermal conductive aluminum for easy heat transfer from the warmer to your hand. It comes with a knit sleeve that can be placed over the warmer in the event you want to leave the warmer on and simply keep it in a pocket. The 3-in-1 Smart Charger is powered by a micro USB-to-USB cable (included) and the unit can be recharged over 500 times. Read More

6. Maxsa Innovations Comfy Cruise 12V Electric Travel Blanket

Maxsa Innovations Comfy Cruise 12V Electric Travel Blanket - Navy Blue

  • Plugs into a vehicle’s 12V plug
  • Perfect for cars, trucks, minivans, RVs or boats
  • No more disputes about the heater or air conditioner

This cozy fleece electric blanket plugs into a vehicle 12-volt plug and will keep anyone warm and toasty without having to crank up the car heater. The blanket features automatic temperature control and is equipped with a generous 8-foot power cord. It measures 42″ x 58″ and is constructed of high-quality polyester polar fleece. The blanket is protected by a five-amp fuse. Use it in your car, truck, minivan, RV or boat! Read More

7. UFO UK-1500 Remote Electric Infrared Heater 1500 Watt

UFO UK-1500 Remote Electric Infrared Heater 1500 Watt

  • Can be installed on a ceiling, wall, or on the floor with the optional floor stand
  • Instantly warms objects directly in front of the unit with virtually no heat loss
  • Heats up to full power in as little as 30 seconds

This 1500 watt electric heater takes only 30 seconds to heat up to full power and is ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications such as bedrooms, living rooms, and even patios. This heater generates infrared heat, warming objects and people, not a roomful of air. Convenient features also include a built-in thermostat, remote control, and timer. Runs on 110VAC. Read More

8. COZY Products CF Cozy Feet

Cozy Products CF Cozy Feet

  • Ultra-thin heated shoe inserts help keep feet warm
  • Low-profile battery packs attach to ankles with included Velcro straps
  • Reusable pads warm in seconds to 98 degrees F
  • Water-resistant and shock-proof for indoor/outdoor environments
  • One size fits all

Cure cases of cold feet. Slip the ultra-thin Cozy Feet inserts into your shoes, attach the battery packs to your ankles and you’ll stay toasty even in the coldest weather. Cozy Feet can reach up to 98 degrees F and include a convenient on/off switch to conserve energy for hours of long-lasting use. These inserts are shock-proof and water resistant, making them ideal for construction workers, camping, sporting events and much more! Reusable and one-size-fits-all, so you can use Cozy Feet in virtually any pair of shoes you own. Each insert uses two long-lasting AA batteries (sold separately). Read More

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