Instantly Conceal Your TV Behind Your Favorite Artwork!

La Crosse Technology Alpha Power Battery Charger

  • Conceal your TV with framed art, a decorative wall panel, or mirror
  • Uses a relay to provide contact closure and controls the 12VD actuators to open the panel
  • Use with a basic switch or easily integrate into your home automation system
  • Black linen backing absorbs ambient light

Your TV doesn’t have to be the main focus of a room. Instantly transform an elegant living into a TV room (and back again) with the TVCoverups Flat Panel TV Box with Auto Contact Closure! Conceal your TV with beautiful artwork, a mirror or a decorative panel at the touch of a button! The TV CoverUp is a novel, simple and elegant way to conceal a flat screen television. With a TV CoverUp, a television screen is no longer a stark center of attention, detracting from a room’s decor. Instead, framed art provides the focal point – until it deftly swings upward to reveal the television hidden beneath.

The Automated Contact Closure box utilizes a DPDT (Double Pole Double Throw) relay to control the 12VDC actuators to open or close the lid. This unit requires standard 110 AC power. The contact closure allows you to use a standard toggle switch or a dry contact can be used to integrate into most universal remote control or home automation systems. Two micro limit switches are provided to cut the power to the actuators unless the TV is in a fully retracted position, when using automatic tilting or articulating TV mounts. Motor casings will protrude through the installation box 2” x 25” vertically on the left and right top corners and protrude 2 3/4” into the fireplace cavity or into the dry wall when choosing the on wall application. This TV Coverup is available in 65 Inch, 55 Inch, 50 Inch, 42 Inch, and 37 Inch sizes.

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