Keep Calm and Relaxed All Day Long with a Portable Back Massager

Carepeutic KH261 Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager

  • 3 massage types: shiatsu, rolling and swing
  • Set to massage lower, upper or full back
  • Soothing heat therapy option
  • Strap system allows it to fit over most chairs
  • 9 different massaging programs

Don’t let stressful work days get you tense. Keep calm and relaxed all day long with a Carepeutic Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager with Heat Therapy! Any chair at home or at the office can quickly transform into a deluxe massage chair whenever you feel the need to relax and unwind. Does your back get sore from sitting in that chair at your desk for long hours? The solution is a back massage and better yet a back massage while sitting on that chair at work or home. The Carepeutic™ Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager is held securely in place with a strap system quickly transforming it into a personal home or office massage chair. A handheld controller lets you choose between shiatsu, rolling or swing massage techniques and from 9 different program modes. Three different intensity levels are available as well which are low, medium and high along with the option to add heat therapy to the massage helping to relieve muscles and stimulate better circulation. The Deluxe Shiatsu Back Massager also allows for you to target certain areas of the back by choosing lower back, upper back or full back. Want to use it during your daily commute or road trip? No problem. The back massager works in cars by attaching its included DC power adaptor. The exterior of the massager is PU leather and has a padded seat cushion to sit on. Read More

Eliminate the Mess of Chopping and Dicing with the Vacu Vin Cutting Board with Built-In Tray!

Vacu Vin 4685050 Cutting Board and Tray

  • Built-in tray
  • 4 non-slip rubber feet
  • Chopping board is double sided
  • One side of chopping board contains juice drain
  • Easily separates food from Waste

If you’ve ever struggled with trying to divide up the space on the cutting board to accommodate workspace and waste space, then this cutting board is for you! With a built-in, slide-out tray, you can easily slide waste into the tray and out of the way! Vacu Vin’s 4685050 Cutting Board and Tray is designed to make cooking quicker and easier. One side of this cutting board is used as normal and to quickly dispose and separate food waste from food you will be using simply pull out the tray underneath and slide waste off into it. The other cutting board is designed specifically for cutting meats as it comes with a juice drain so that all leaked meat juice will flow off the cutting board and out of your way. When you’ve finished cooking the tray slides easily out so that waste can be quickly disposed of all at once and easily cleaned. The Cutting Board and Tray has 4 non-slip rubber feet to make sure that the board stays in place while being used. Read More