Track Mileage and Driving Habits with this Helpful Gadget

Davis Instruments 8226 Car Chip Pro Data Logger

  • Plugs into your car’s OBD II port
  • Save gas by analyzing your driving habits
  • Up to 300 hours of trip details (newest data records over oldest)
  • Log up to 4 of 23 engine parameters
  • Provides individual graphs and summary reports
  • Records/shows extreme acceleration/braking
  • Allows user-set thresholds for audible alarms, speed, acceleration, and braking (post-drive reports/graphs show when, for how long, and number of times thresholds were exceeded)
  • Automatic accident log with last 20 seconds speed data before impact
  • Assign trips as business/commute/personal
  • Calculate gas mileage

Get a better idea of whether you’re wasting gas or track how your newly licensed teen is driving when you’re not in the car. The Davis Instruments Car Chip Pro Driving & Engine Performance Monitor requires no tools or automotive expertise! Just plug CarChip into the OBDII (onboard diagnostics) port, which is easily found under the dashboard or steering wheel of nearly every car made in 1996 or later, and it reads and stores data from your car’s onboard computers, continuously logging driving and engine performance. The CarChip Pro allows you to monitor teenagers driving habits, test for emissions, sort business and personal miles and much more! This handy device even produces information you can provide to your insurance company or in court on contested tickets. This unit will log the time and date every time it is disconnected. Read More

Save $200 on this Smarthome Speaker Kit with Subwoofer!

  • Perfect surround sound package, superior quality speakers at an affordable price
  • Includes one powered subwoofer
  • Includes five standard in-ceiling directional speakers for the front left, center and right channels, as well as the rear left and right channels

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your home audio system than now! Normally $699.95, now $499.99 (Hurry, this offer is only for a limited time). Upgrade your home theater’s audio system and bring sound to life by using this pre-packaged Smarthome SELECT 5.1-Channel Speaker Kit! You’ll never want to pay to see a movie in the theater again with your upgraded sound system.

Included in the kit:

1. 1x – Smarthome SELECT 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (See the green object in diagram below)

2. 5x – Smarthome SELECT 6-Inch LCR/Surround Directional Classic In-Ceiling Speaker (See the red objects in diagram below)


This kit features 6-inch Classic In-Ceiling Speakers with directional, pivoting tweeters so you can send the mid/high frequencies to the sweet spot of your room for optimal listening pleasure. The powered subwoofer has adjustable Gain and adjustable Frequency Response that allows you to dial in the exact low frequency bass tones you want. Read More

Manage and Control Your Home From Any Web-Enabled Device

La Crosse Technology Alpha Power Battery Charger

  • GUI is completely customizable to create your own backgrounds and buttons
  • Access from your Smartphone, tablet, computer, or any web-enabled device
  • Easy to set up scenes and scheduled events
  • PC required only for initial programmed
  • Controls INSTEON and X-10 devices
  • Control A/V components via optional IP2IR or WF2IR (sold separately)
  • Controls HVAC via Venstar T1700 thermostats (sold separately)

Take COMPLETE control of your home automation systems with the JDS Technologies Home Runner RBI Home Automation Controller! At the touch of a finger, you can control all of your INSTEON and X10 devices. This fully customizable controller allows you to create your own buttons and backgrounds to mold totally to your own personal needs. HomeRunner RBI gives you complete control of your home’s lighting, HVAC, security, A/V, etc. from your Smartphone, tablet, computer, or any web-enabled device. It supports both INSTEON and X10 technologies via the included INSTEON Power Line Modem (PLM) and has a RS-232 serial port for interfacing with a compatible serial device. The included software lets you create your own graphic user interface (GUI) using any photos, drawings, scans or downloaded images for the backgrounds and buttons, tailored to your own lifestyle. No complicated menus to navigate. Photos of each room in your house can be used as backgrounds with virtual buttons so you can simply touch a light or appliance in the picture to control it. A comprehensive Event Editor is also included for programming events based on time, date, sunrise/sunset or any set of conditions. Once uploaded, HomeRunner RBI serves as your GUI to the network as a Remote Browser Interface (RBI) for control from any web-enabled device in the world via the internet or locally via wi-fi. With HomeRunner RBI, you’ll be able to personalize your interface. Build screens and buttons using the preset button images. Or transform any picture into an interactive control surface. Then, program items in the background of the picture to be your control buttons. Read more

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