Keep an Eye on Your Home from Anywhere

Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera

  • Wide-angle video
  • Easy mobile-devicesetup
  • Night vision
  • Email alerts
  • Mobile-device recording
  • Digital audio

The Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera with Night Vision makes it easy to check in on your kids after school or watch your pet play – anytime, anywhere. The camera connects to your Wi-Fi router without the need of a computer, displays live streaming, and allows you to save videos right on your mobile device! Simply download the free NetCam app on your iOS or Android device to keep an eye on your home. The camera’s wide-angle video captures large spaces, while its clear digital audio keeps you from missing noises. With the night vision for recording in low light, the NetCam is ideal for baby-monitoring or viewing other activity in darkness. Perfect for listening in on conversations or peeking in on the babysitter while you’re away, you can now have peace of mind knowing you are in the driver’s seat. When it comes to your home, safety is the number one priority. Don’t take a risk. Take control with the Belkin NetCam Wi-Fi Camera. Read More

Recording Your Daily Caloric Intake Just Got Easier!

Escali Cesto Digital Nutrition Scale - Silver

  • Preprogrammed with 999 food items, ingredients, and beverages
  • Calculates and tracks calories, sodium, protein, fat, carbohydrates, cholesterol and fiber
  • Displays weight in ounces, pounds, fluid ounces, grams and milliliters
  • Compact, portable design with a thin form factor
  • Handles up to an 11lb capacity
  • Touch glass display

The Digital Nutrition Scale gives you the most accurate nutrition calculations and tracks your daily food intake. Simply set each item on the scale as it measures the ingredients and nutritional contents. With a memory of 999 food items including beverages, the Escali Cesto Digital Nutrition Scale is perfect for those on a caloric budget and want to know exactly what they’re consuming every day. This slim, lightweight scale can be taken anywhere and holds food items weiging up to 11 lbs. Why estimate when you can get a precise measurement and start taking control of your health? Read More

Your House Key is Now a Thing of the Past

EkeyUSA NS-IN2-WG Ekey Net Integra, FS and Wiegand

  • Fingerprint scanner is weather resistant for inside or outside use
  • Up to 40 different fingerprints can be stored
  • Compatible with electric strikes, motor locks, and electric multi-point locking systems
  • Up to 4 actions (e.g. opening a door) can be triggered per access point via relay outputs
  • Easily administrate different time zones for individual access rights

The Ekey Net is an advanced physical fingerprint (biometrics) access control system that allows you to assigned users’ fingerprints and assign their associated access rights. This biometrics access control system is ideal if you have multiple people that need access to your home. Once you decide that a certain user should no longer receive access, instead of having to ask them to return your key, you can simply remove their privileges. Up to 40 users can be programmed into the Ekey Net access control system and each can be monitored for individual usage so you will know who has entered your home and when. Integrating Ekey Net not only increases the security of a home or business, but can also be used to open specific parts of a property such as gates, main entrances, activate intercoms, vending machines, safes and much more. In addition, the system is compatible with electric strikes, motor locks, or electric multi-point locking system. The included Integra flush mounted biometric finger scanner is weather resistant and can be installed indoors or outdoors. No longer will rummaging through your pockets or purse to find your keys be necessary and no longer are codes, cards, or physical keys needed; with Ekey Net, your finger is the key! Read More

Keep Plants at their Healthiest with Dr. Frog!

P3 International P8220 Dr. Frog Electronic Moisture Meter

  • Test Plant’s Moisture Level
  • Signal Low Moisture
  • Inactive During The Night

Dr. Frog allows you to take the guess work out of caring for your plants. If you’ve ever struggled keeping your potted plants alive then the Dr. Frog Electronic Moisture Meter is just what the doctor ordered! This friendly little frog will chirp and croak until your plant gets the water it needs. But don’t worry, Dr. Frog is equipped with a light sensor so he knows to stop croaking at night while you’re trying to sleep. Doctor Frog constantly evaluates the moisture level of your plant’s soil so your plants will never go thirsty again! Read More

Come Home to a Clean Floor Every Day

iRobot R650020 Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot

  • Clean floors on a schedule or push of a button
  • Patented 3-stage cleaning system
  • Works on carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood floors
  • Vacuums dirt, dust, debris and is ideal for pet hair
  • Makes multiple passes over each section of the floor

Wouldn’t it be nice to come home from work every day to a clean floor without hiring a housekeeper? Save time, money, and avoid the risk of a back injury with a programmable vacuum cleaner. Let’s face it, no one likes to vacuum. With the iRobot Roomba 650, you’ll never have to hassle with a bulk vacuum cleaner again. Simply program the Roomba 650 to vacuum your house when you’re away and always come home to a clean floor. The iRobot Roomba 650 Vacuum Cleaning Robot is capable of cleaning on a preset schedule, determined by you, or whenever desired with the push of a button to activate the robot. The Roomba 650 is compatible with just about all popular flooring types such as carpet, tile, laminate and hardwood floors. It cleans using a patented three-stage process consisting of a side brush to clean along wall edges, counter rotating brush picks up dirt, dust, debris and even pet hair off the floor, and a vacuum (AeroVac) pulls the dirt and debris from the Roomba’s brush. By incorporating the AeroVac into the Roomba the cleaning result are maximized because the brush stays free of tangled hair and debris ensuring that it accurately and evenly cleans the floor beneath. Read More