Don’t let the silent killer known as carbon monoxide (CO) harm yourself or your family

SafeAir Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Uses highly reliable, commercial-grade, electro-chemical sensing technology
  • Built-in trouble/power supervision relay
  • 12 or 24VDC operation and 150mA relay contact configurable for normally open or normally closed operation
  • Long-life six-year sensor
  • Transmits sensor end-of-life to the control panel and central station if the system is monitored
  • Fully listed to the latest UL 2075 CO standard for residential or commercial occupancies
  • Adapter plate makes replacing GE 240-COe CO detector simple

Protect yourselves from this odorless, colorless and potentially deadly gas with a carbon monoxide detector / alarm built to the same high standards of those that protect industrial plants and hospitals! A built-in electrochemical sensor continuously monitors for CO and is unaffected by other airborne substances or temperature variations. Additionally, this carbon monoxide detector’s quick response time, fastclearing time and superior false alarm immunity tower above the reliability levels of other CO alarms!
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