Turn your Smarthphone into a Remote Control for Garage Door or Gate Opener

F2P Technologies 103350 Tap2Pass Wireless Smartphone Receiver Relay Switch

Utilizing the Bluetooth capability of the iOS or Android platform we created a keypad entry right on the screen. Simply tap in your 4 digit PIN and the door or gate is activated. Bluetooth technology was chosen as internet access is not required for accessing remote gates or doors, and as a safety feature, since the garage door or gate should always be in sight when activation occurs. The four digit PIN makes entry quick and easy as well as safe as it is an extra layer of security in the event the device is lost or stolen.

The Tap2Pass receiver can pair with as many as 7 Smartphones, and up to 24 vehicles (cars, motorcycles etc.) equipped with a Flash2Pass transmitter (sold separately). The receiver will work with virtually all garage door and gate openers manufactured since 1982 including AC, DC or solar powered (solar powered gate: power kit available separately), and newer models with ‘smart panels’. Installation is an easy do-it-yourself project and shouldn’t take more than 15 minutes using just a screwdriver. Full instructions are included with the Tap2Pass receiver.

  • Everyone in the family can have their own remote
  • No more trying to remember who had the remote last, or in which vehicle it was left in
  • No need to make a mad dash in the rain to enter a PIN in the keypad and wait while the door opens
  • iOS App available on iTunes or Android App available on Googe Play
  • Keypad entry right on the screen – 4 digit PIN makes entry quick and easy

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