Do You Love the Cool Side of the Pillow?

Chili Technology C-CFP-G2 Chili Cloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow

  • Heat dissipating gel for maximum cooling
  • Cooler sleep surface breathable open cell structure
  • Actual coconut oil reducing the petroleum content
  • Pressure reactive foam for maximum support and comfort
  • Hypoallergenic inner jersey

Always experience the joys of the cool side of the pillow with the Chili Cloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow. The Chili Cloud Gel X2 Pillow offers all of the benefits of the Chili Cloud Gel Pillow but with two sides of gel! The Chili Cloud Gel X2 Pillow offers a unique memory foam formulation that uses actual coconut oil to provide a breathable open cell structure. This pillow features coconut foam that is pressure reactive for maximum support and comfort. The Chili Cloud Coconut Gel X2 Pillow is enhanced with a double sided layer of urethane gel, offering even more support and cooling characteristics. The hypoallergenic inner cover is specially treated with an Anti-Acaria agent that protects against the spread of dust mites and fungus. This premium pillow includes a cover constructed of all natural Tencel™ fibers, offering additional cooling and moisture wicking properties. Read More

Take your home connectivity to the next level with a Keyless Door Lever!

Schlage FE599 CAM 619 ACC Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever - Satin Nickel

Introduce this door lock Entry Lever into a pre-existing Z-Wave network to further broaden the connectivity of Z-Wave enabled products to include the front door. A Z-Wave network is made up of Z-Wave enabled products that will wirelessly communicate with one another, and you, over the internet through a computer or Smartphone. Having a Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever installed will provide the benefit of increased home security and convenience.

Featuring a 128 bit AES security encryption, this Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever is capable of storing up to 19 personalized 4 digit access codes. Each family member can have their own unique code for access while at the same time assign emergency access codes for friends and neighbors or special one-time access codes. Web based access to this system from a Smartphone or computer is also available and provides the ability to manage the doors status when not at home leaving the peace of mind to know your home is safe. Remote access of this system does require a low, monthly fee which users can activate by contacting Schlage customer service.

Check it out!