Bluetooth Control over Garage Door via Smartphone for up to 5 Users

Smartphone’s can do just about everything from music to games to even depositing checks to a bank and now with the SecuRemote from First Watch Security they can open and close a garage door. The SecuRemote device connects to the garage door operator and then pairs to your Smartphone through a Bluetooth connection once the free SecuRemote app has been downloaded. It is compatible with Droid, iPhone and Blackberry and the app can be downloaded in each device’s app store or marketplace. Once installed the local mode allows for up to 5 users to control the garage with the initial phone that is connected being the system administrator. The system administrator is able to then add or remove up to 4 additional phones and assign each either unlimited or temporary access. If providing access to more than 5 users is desired this can be done in online mode (annual subscription required) which allows for unlimited users and access from anywhere with web-access. After setup the connected phones will be able to operate the SecuRemote device using Bluetooth within a range of 60 to 100 feet. To power the SecuRemote it will need access to a 110 volt AC outlet upon connection to the garage door operator. The SecuRemote digital key is unique to the assigned Smartphone(s) and has 128-bit encrypted transmission.

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