Add Security and Convenience to Your Home with a Keyless Access Door Lock

Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever - Satin Nickel

  • Z-Wave technology allows wireless communication with other devices on your Z-Wave network
  • Unlock remotely via Smartphone or computer
  • Full 128 bit AES security encryption
  • As many as 19 personalized 4 digit codes
  • Hassle free installation

You’ll never need a key to enter your home again with the Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever. Featuring a 128 bit AES security encryption, this Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever is capable of storing up to 19 personalized 4 digit access codes. Each family member can have their own unique code for access while at the same time assign emergency access codes for friends and neighbors or special one-time access codes. Web based access to this system from a Smartphone or computer is also available and provides the ability to manage the doors status when not at home leaving the peace of mind to know your home is safe. Remote access of this system does require a low, monthly fee which users can activate by contacting Schlage customer service. By assigning unique, personalized access codes to family members you can keep track of who is home by setting up the system to send an email or text alert upon entry. This is ideal for a situation like ensuring that your child has made it home from school safely. Another convenient feature is the ability to unlock the door remotely using an internet enabled Smartphone or computer from anywhere in the world provided a valid internet connection is available. The benefit to this is if a neighbor unexpectedly needs access to your home, the door can be unlocked via a phone or computer to grant them access.

Not only is the Schlage LiNK Wireless Z-Wave Keypad Entry Lever good for conveniently locking and unlocking your door, when connected to other Z-Wave devices then the convenience doesn’t stop at simply being able to have remote access. It can also be programmed to a Z-Wave enabled thermostat, which can be set so that upon punching in a personalized access code to the door keypad the thermostat will automatically change to a pre-set desired temperature. This is just one example of the many possibilities a Z-Wave network of products offer. Read More

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