Incredibly Thin Polycarbonate iPhone 4/4S Case Features a Card Storage Slot

 Hatch & Co. KAN - 004RE Kangaroo Protective Phone Case and Card Holder, Red

The Kangaroo from Hatch & Co. is an ultra-thin case for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. At only 0.8mm thin, the polycarbonate case provides a leather-like feel and protection against accidental drops, bumps, dings, and other possible incidents that may physically damage the exterior of your favorite mobile device. The Kangaroo case is specially designed to tightly fit your iPhone. Its eco-friendly and scratch resistant design provides only the best in protection. In addition to protection, the Kangaroo also provides a unique, built-in card holding slot. It’s ideal for NFC cards, general business cards, ID badges, or any other card-like accessories that need to be stored in location for quick access. Simple and effective, the Kangaroo offers the best combination of both protection and functionality.
  • Built of polycarbonate material, feels leather-like
  • Includes a built in slot for holder cards, ID badges, and NFC cards
  • Designed to be scratch resistant and eco-friendly
  • Provides tough protection while remaining ultra thin
  • Secure edge clamp provides a tight fit for your iPhone
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Sensor Turns the Lights On When the Cabinet Door is Open and Off Once it is Closed

 Memowell Light IRSM Monostable Infrared Sensor for Under Cabinet Lights

  • Works with any Memowell Under Cabinet Lighting
  • IR Sensor knows when the cabinet doors are open or closed
  • Saves energy by only using the lights when needed

The Memowell Light IRSM Monostable Infrared Sensor is the perfect solution for automated control of cabinet lights that are installed behind doors inside of cabinets. The sensor can detect when the door is open and automatically turn the connected lights on and also turn them off as soon as the door is closed. The easy to install sensor is small in size and connects directly to the end of the light. This sensor is compatible with all Memowell under cabinet LED light fixtures. If your lights are mounted outside of a cabinet, please choose theBistable Infrared Sensor for controlling these lights, sold separately. Read more

Energy Efficient Light Fixture Adds Style and Brightness to your Cabinets

 Memowell Light F150CW Flat Under Cabinet Cool White LED Light, 5.9 Inches

  • Extruded aluminum housing with black and chrome finish
  • Linkable design for connecting multiple fixtures together
  • Energy efficient LED lighting

The Memowell Flat Under Cabinet LED Light Fixture adds style and light to dark areas and brightens up your home. This light features bright LEDs that can be linked up to twelve fixtures for a complete custom fit. The lights are easy to install and a great addition for your designer kitchen, home office or studio

The Memowell 5.9 Inch Under Cabinet Cool White LED Light with switch is also available in Warm White or in the following sizes, 12 Inch Length20 Inch Length and 40 Inch Length, each sold separately. Read more