Make a Film at Home Worthy of the Silver Screen

Camera Dolly Accommodates a Wide Variety of Tracking and Rotational Photos and Videos

REVOLVE Camera RCD-2 Camera Dolly with Friction Arm REVOLVE Camera RCD-2 Camera Dolly with Friction Arm

  • Wide assortment of camera shot options
  • Adjustable axels allow for moving in a straight line or angle
  • Friction arm holds camera precisely in place
  • Compatible with virtually any camera and mount on the market
  • Rail clamps for use with tracking rail systems
  • Constructed of lightweight aircraft grade aluminum

Whether you’re a beginning photographer or an experienced videographer the REVOLVE Camera Dolly with Friction Arm can help you better your craft. The Camera Dolly from REVOLVE has been designed for use on virtually all surfaces and locations to help capture smooth and dynamic video footage and photos. Its rotating axels allow for the Camera Dolly to move in a straight line, arc or full circle for 360° shots and the angle marking lines on each axel ensure they are perfectly aligned with the other. A wide variety of rotational, tracking, stop motion and time lapse shots are easily achieved thanks to the dolly’s soft urethane wheels, rotating axels and friction arm mount. The included friction arm mount accessory securely holds the camera, such as an iPhone or DSLR, in place and can be adjusted and contorted to the perfect angle needed for your shot. The friction arm can be mounted to the middle of the dolly base (3/8″ hole) or on either axel as each axel has 2 threaded 1/4″ holes. Any camera, friction arm, tripod head, mount, etc with 1/4″ or 3/8″ threading will be compatible with the Camera Dolly. The threaded holes on each axel have a variety of uses from serving as mounting points for additional camera accessories to connecting of guide rods (included) for use with a rail.

Included with the REVOLVE Camera Dolly are 2 rail clamps that will secure 2 rails (sold separately) into place creating a track for the Camera Dolly to travel along. The rail clamps are compatible with any pipe, rail, rod, or wooden dowel that has an outer diameter up to 1-3/8″. Suggested track materials by REVOLVE Camera are 1″ PVC pipe (1.33″ outer diameter) which is great for use up to 4′ but the pipe may begin to bend at longer lengths. For longer tracking shots 1-3/8″ outer diameter curtain rod is suggested as it is sturdier and best for use with heavier cameras. The REVOLVE Camera Dolly is constructed of hard anodized aircraft grade aluminum making it very lightweight and strong, protecting against wear and corrosion. Read more.

Swing Like a Golf Pro: Receive Full Golf Swing Analytics on Your Mobile Device


  • Provides real-time analysis of golf swing
  • See where game can be improved while playing
  • Compatible with iOS and Android devices
  • Sends swing analytics to device via Bluetooth
  • Lightweight design won’t interfere with swing
  • Used by Masters Champion and golf pro Craig Stadler

Have you ever thought it’d be nice to get real-time analysis of your golf swing without the hassle of a coach or having to video yourself? How about just wishing you could improve your game or figure out why you keep slicing it even though everything feels right? The SwingTIP Bluetooth Golf Swing Analyzer is the perfect solution for anyone looking to improve their golf swing and game. While it is great for use to analyze your own swing it can also greatly enhance your learning curve and experience when used along with a coach. When paired to your Android or iOS device you’ll receive instant analysis of your golf swing speed, swing tempo, swing path, club face angle, impact zone on club face (did you hit the sweet spot?), and complete multi-angled view of your swings trajectory. This allows for tweaks on the fly whether you’re mid-round or simply swinging away at the driving range. The downloadable Android and iOS app is free in their respective app stores and comes with a SwingTIP account allowing for viewing and analyzing of swing data over time to track improvement. A SwingTIP account will also allow you to review instructional tips and videos from former PGA and NCAA Pro Ray Leach.

The SwingTIP quickly and easily clips onto your club to provide swing analysis in a matter of seconds. The lightweight device won’t interfere with your natural swing as it weighs in at an unnoticeable 29 grams (0.063 lbs) and doesn’t require a special club to work. SwingTIP attaches roughly a 1/4″ below the club grip and is compatible with standard irons, drivers and woods. Start swinging like a pro.

Install a Gate Alarm to Monitor Your Children from Getting Near Your Pool

The Driven Designs GA-25 Pool Patrol Gate Alarm with Transmitter sounds an alarm before a child or an intruder has entered the pool area. It is a self contained unit with a local sounder, and mounts to any door/gate/fence including all hardware. For double protection, this model also transmits to the Pool Patrol remote receiver (available with the PA-30 Pool Patrol kit) up to a distance of approximately 200 feet. It activates through a magnetic sensor, and no pass code is needed. It is equipped with a reset button to allow a six second pass through without sounding the alarm. The Pool Patrol Gate Alarm is quality constructed and water resistant for long usage. The alarm comes complete with all the necessary mounting hardware. It is battery powered, uses one 9 volt alkaline battery (battery not included).

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