Avoid Using Your Heater this Upcoming Winter Season

Product Title (In box)In some parts of the we still get a good amount of sunlight during the Winter months, however it is still pretty chilly outside. Instead of cranking up the heater in your home why not install a solar air heater that sticks on easily to one of your windows? It is very easy to install, all you have to do is place it against a window with southern exposure. Unlike your window AC unit you do not need to open or remove the window. The panel has a built in digital thermometer which allows you to see the temperature of the air that the heater is blowing out.

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Change Your Clocks! Fall Back 1 Hour!

The end of daylight savings is this weekend. Make sure you change your clocks back 1 hour! You will enjoy an extra hour of shut eye as the time changes at 2:00am on Sunday morning. But make sure you don’t forget or else you will be showing up to work an hour early on Monday!