Feed the Right Meal to the Right Cat

  • The first patented controlled feeding solution for cats
  • Recommended for cats weighing 5lb – 20lb
  • Smart ID on your cat’s collar opens the door
  • Keeps other pets and animals out
  • Designed for indoor, or protected outdoor use
  • Precise delivery of medication and specialty food

The Gatefeeder GF-100 RFID Controlled Automated Pet Feeder handles supervised feedings for you and feeds the right meal to the right cat. The perfect complement to your daily routine, it uses a Gatefeeder developed, collar mounted Smart ID (featuring RFID Sensor Technology) trigger the electro-magnetic lock to open creating a patented, recessed entrance. This enables one designated cat access to food within a closed space – while preventing other pets or neighborhood animals from eating the food. It guarantees all food – canned, kibble, a special diet, or medication – goes straight to the right cat, while simultaneously maintaining a sanitary environment by keeping mess and odors contained. The Gatefeeder is ideal for those with unpredictable schedules, elderly people or those with disabilities, offering your cat feeding on demand. If you have multiple cats, regulating food consumption by giving each pet their own feeder will prevent overeating and bloating, helping them maintain optimum pet weight and health. The Gatefeeder is battery operated, and requires the use of 6 AA batteries, sold separately. Read more.

Space Saving Surge Protector with AC Outlet and USB Port

Satechi ST-USP11 Compact Surge Protected AC Outlet with USB Port

  • Surge protection against electrical spikes
  • 1 grounded AC outlet and 1 USB port
  • Green LED indicator when devices are protected from surges
  • Great for travel

The Compact Surge Protected AC Outlet with USB Port plugs into a standard AC outlet to provide surge protection for a connected AC and USB powered device. When plugged into a wall the Compact Surge Protector will take up only the outlet it is plugged into without disrupting additional outlets above or below it. It is great for use at home to conveniently charge 2 devices in one location and ideal for traveling due to its small size and charging options. A green LED indicator light will let you know that it is providing sufficient surge protection from electrical spikes for whatever devices you may have connected. If you notice that the LED indicator light no longer illuminates then the device is letting you know that it should be replaced as its no longer providing surge protection against electrical spikes. It has an electrical rating of 120V/15A and a USB output of 5V/1A. Read more

Keep Outdoor Stairs Snow and Ice-Free During the Winter

HeatTrak HR10-30 Residential Heating Stair Mat

If you suffer from icy or snow covered stairs during the winter then a Residential Heating Stair Mat from HeatTrak is a must-have product for your home. The Residential Heating Stair Mat does several things to make your life easier and less stressful during the winter. First, it takes away the dreaded chore of having to shovel snow off stairs because it effectively melts ice and snow at a rate of 2 inches per hour in temperatures as low as -5°F. Second, it provides peace of mind that not only you but your family and friends will be able to safely walk up and down stairs without slipping due to ice build-up. The Residential Heating Stair Mat is designed to be left outside all winter long for use 24/7 or simply as needed. The Stair Mat measures 10 inches x 30 inches and as many as 15 Stair Mats can be connected to one-another on a single HeatTrak Power Unit. They can even be connected to a HeatTrak Residential Heating Walkway Mat to create a snow and ice free path where needed. The Residential Heating Stair Mat comes with built-in connector cables though it requires HeatTrak’s GFCI Power Unit in order to work which is sold separately. Each power unit is capable of powering multiple Stair Mats.

The following watertight cable extenders are also available for use with this product, sold separately: