Weather Proof Your Outdoor Electrical Connections

We are well into the fall season which means that the weather is due to change. But just because a little wind, rain or snow comes your way doesn’t mean you should have to stop enjoying your spectacular outdoor lighting! Whether you spotlight your favorite plants in your garden, or whether you are preparing your cheer with some holiday lights, the SockitBOX weatherproofs your temporary electrical connections so you don’t have to worry about any weather-related electrical danger. SockitBOX features a heavy duty plastic, all-weather construction. The patented seals keep out moisture and dust from entering temporary electrical connections, keeping them in a moisture and particle free environment. It has a large interior space perfect for placmeennt of extension cord reels, surge protectors or power strips, allowing you to safely plug in various connections from equipment such as holiday lighting, fountains, pumps, timers, transformers, and much more.
SOCKiTBOX Model 285 GN Weatherproof Electrical Box, Medium - Green    SOCKiTBOX Model 285 BK Weatherproof Electrical Box, Medium - Black

  • IP 55 Rated silicone weather seal and waterproof gasket aorund the lid
  • Additional secure and waterproof locking lugs and simple locking clamp
  • Silicone moulding blocks provide the seal around the cables channels
  • 4 channels for multiple connections
  • Interior of box has can hold extension cord reels, surge protectors or power strips

The SockitBOX comes in green and black and in sizes small, medium, and large.

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