iPhone Mounting Kit for a Bike with Included Magnet Kit

Rokform 332101 Rokbed v3 Bike Mount Kit

The Rokbed v3 Bike Mount Kit from Rokform fits on any bike that can accept 1-1/8 inch thread-less steer tubes. It securely holds an iPhone 4/4S on your bike handlebars to allow for easy use of the phone while on the move and hands-free use when using a phone’s GPS. The viewing angle of the mount can be adjusted as needed between -20° and 55° for optimal viewing of the iPhone’s screen. It is made of machined billet T-6 aluminum and stainless steel with a polycarbonate frame. The magnet kit on the case allows for the phone to be mounted to any magnetic surface for hands-free use.
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Unleash Your Cinema Display’s Full Potential by Turning It in to a High Definition Television

Kanex HDMDPUS HDMI to Mini Display Port Converter

  • Turns your Apple Cinema Display into an HDTV
  • Accepts HDMI sources and displays them on the Apple Cinema Display
  • True, crisp HD video with no video scaling
  • Supports audio pass through to retain digital audio formats
  • Will work with popular HDMI based gaming consoles

The HDMDPUS from Kanex allows you to take advantage of the Apple Cinema Display’s crisp colors and LED backlit technology by essentially turning it into an HDTV. The HDMPUS is an HDMI to Mini DisplayPort converter which allows for HDMI based video sources to be hooked up to the 24 inch and 27 inch Cinema Displays and thus turns it into an HDTV for your viewing pleasure. The HDMDPUS also has the ability to transfer audio so it retains digital 7.1, 5.1, and stereo formats. No video scaling takes place during the converting process, nothing but pure video is sent through and on to the Cinema Display. Connect satellite/cable boxes, HD gaming consoles and a Blu-ray player to the HDMDPUS and enjoy the quality picture provided by Apple’s Cinema Display.
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Audio Technology Literally Turns Anything In To a Speaker

The Rock-It 3.0 from OrigAudio is a unique approach to portable audio. Featuring vibration speaker technology, the Rock-It 3.0 turns anything into a speaker. Sticky pads built into the vibrating speakers attach themselves to an item of your choice, turning that item into a speaker. Attach it to some cups or a block of wood. Attach it a cardboard box or even a Styrofoam container. The Rock-It 3.0 gives you the freedom to choose! The included Lithium Ion battery promises to provide 10+ hours of listening enjoyment making it perfect for travel, parties, tailgating, or anywhere else where you want to experiment with the different types of acoustic properties of items. Its daisy chain capability allows for the connection of multiple Rock-It units, increasing the overall volume the more Rock-It 3.0 units you add. Other features include a volume control and locking mechanism used for when the Rock-It 3.0 is not in use. It’s fully functional with iPods, iPhones, Android Phones, Blackberrys, Laptops, and anything else featuring a 3.5mm stereo output jack.

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Prepare for the Cold Winter Months with a Wall Mounted Panel Heater

Heat Your Room Economically and Safely with the Power of Heat Convection

Cozy-Heater 120400 Electric Wall Mounted Panel Heater, 400 Watts

  • Heats by convection currents, there is no noise and no stirred up dust
  • Attractive slim design with minimal wall protrusion
  • Can be painted to match the decor of your room
  • No exposed electrical elements, low surface temperature will not cause burning

The Cozy-Heater wall mounted panel heater is a safe and economical room heater that works on the principle of convective heat transfer. The Panels are mounted to a wall, in the desired room and location using the hardware provided and simple do-it-yourself installation instructions. Principle of Heat Convection – Hot air rises and gets displaced by cooler air. The panel heater uses this principle to create convective air currents within the room. These currents, gradually move warmer air around the room and create a uniform ambient temperature. Panel heaters do not have a built-in fan or any other moving part, therefore, there is no noise and no stirred-up dust. This eliminates airborne dust problem and is ideal for people suffering from asthma or allergy issues. Cozy panels have top and bottom protruding wings to eliminate fire hazards in case of accidental covering of the heating surface.

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