Universal Power Outlet Adapter Assures International Functionality

Kanex INTADP Universal 3-in-1 Travel AC Wall Adapter Set
Traveling abroad can have its challenges and dealing with the different types of wall outlets can be one of them. Thankfully Kane provides the INTADP, a universal wall outlet adapter kit which works with 180 different countries. Not every power outlet is the same, different countries have different power ratings and standards. These differences reflect upon the design of the countries wall outlet. The INTADP provides a solution to just about every type of outlet design so you can rest assured knowing your laptop, mobile phone, or whatever device you travel with will remain powered or charged. The INTADP comes as a kit which includes three wall outlet adapter pieces as well a sturdy travel case. It’s stackable by design and will fit easily into your luggage for worry free travel. It’s an essential accessory for today’s world explorer.
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