Prevent Identity Theft with Your Wallet

Technology keeps advancing and so do ways for people to rob you of your identity and money! Crooks now can electronically scan your credit and ATM cards, while they are still in your wallet or purse, without you ever knowing about it. At least, you won’t until you get your next statement!  Counteract these thieving efforts by keeping up with technology yourself!

Rogue Wallet has a line of wallets, passport holders, wrist purses and clutches for both men and women that use WalletGuard Blocking Technology to Prevent RFID Theft:

1. Rogue Wallet made to fit your Front Pocket

Rogue WALBUCKTAN Made in Maine RFID Wallet Buckskin Tan

  • WalletGuard technology blocks RF
  • Patented shape to fit front pocket deters pickpockets
  • Premium buckskin leather for casual style and durability
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2. Rogue Redline Passport Wallet

Rogue WALPASSBLKRED Redline Passport Wallet with RFID Protection, Black/Red

  • WalletGuard technology blocks RF
  • Specially designed to accommodate passports and credit cards
  • Satin black leather for the discerning traveler
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3. Rogue Wallet Ladies Seashell Clutch

Rogue Wallet PURSE GRAY/BLK Ladies Seashell Clutch with RFID Protection, Gray/Black

  • WalletGuard provides RFID protection
  • Slots for 2 ID cards and 9 other cards
  • 5 divided interior sections
  • Zippered coin pocket
  • Top grain satin leather
  • Read more

4. Rogue Wallet Ladies Wristlet

Rogue Wallet WALWRISTRED Ladies Wristlet with RFID Protection, Red

  • WalletGuard provides RFID protection
  • Clear slot for 1 ID card plus 8 credit card slots
  • 2 dividing pockets
  • 2 Zippered pockets
  • Top grain satin leather
  • Read more

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