Easy to Setup Wireless IR Break Beam Alert System

Dakota Alert BBA-2500 Solar IR Break Beam Alert SystemThe Solar IR Break Beam Alert System from Dakota Alert includes 2 point to point IR beam transmitters that can be mounted up to 300ft apart from each other and send a signal to the receiver up to 1/2 mile away. The IR beam transmitters are wireless and each has a solar charger located at the top of the device to power its rechargeable lithium ion batteries. Because there are no wires to run in order to power the transmitters it provides more flexibility in where the user can set the system up and takes the hassle out of burying or covering wires. The point to point sensors infrared beam is not visible to the naked eye and as a result, approaching guests or intruders will not be aware that they have made their presence known. The sensors will not be set off by motion outside of its beam such as birds or even falling leaves. Another benefit to the wireless design is that it is easier to mount each transmitter high enough so that the IR beam will not be set off by animals such as a wandering dog. Additional transmitters can be added to send a signal to the receiver and create a perimeter alert system. The Solar IR Break Beam Alert System is great for use in residential as well as commercial applications to alert of approaching or leaving people, pets, cars and more.

The receiver has 4 form “C” relay outputs and one 12VDC output with adjustable durations up to 10 minutes. Up to 4 different audible alert tunes can be selected to make distinguishing between different zones easy when multiple are setup with 1 receiver. The receiver is powered by a 12VDC transformer and has a 5 minute exit delay setting in the event you don’t want to disturb occupants when leaving.

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