Portable Toilet is Perfect for Travel, Tailgating and Remote Locations

Restop RS000 Portable Commode ToiletThe Restop Commode is a sturdy, top-locking base holding a full-size folding toilet seat. It includes a tight-seal screw on lid. The commode has been tested to withstand 300 pounds of pressure over a period of 10 hours, so you can be sure that it will work for you. The commode base is a reinforced 5 gallon bucket that is the height of a standard toilet for your comfort.

The commode is designed for use with Restop 2 Solid/Liquid Disposal Bags (sold separately) which uses a patented “bag within a bag” design to safely contain and neutralize solid and/or liquid human waste. Simply insert the Restop 2 into the commode bucket and fold the upper bag over the foam toilet seat – when done, the upper bag folds into the lower triple layer barrier bag which then zip locks closed for complete containment. Now the waste is safe for disposal in any trash container. For containing liquid human waste only, Restop 1 Liquid Disposal Bags are also available separately.

If you plan using the commode in an area with other present, such as a tailgate party, picnic, or camping trip – consider using the Restop Privacy Shelter (sold separately) for added discretion.
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