Park Like A Pro

Have a student driver in the family? Is your garage full of tightly packed storage shelves that only leaves you with a narrow sliver of space to park? Avoid costly damage to your car, garage walls, and the gear that fills your garage to the brim with these parking assistants.

  • Garage Parking Wizard

Garage Parking Wizard

Parking your vehicle in the garage can be a daunting task if you have lots of clutter or a tight space. Take the guesswork out of parking with the Garage Parking Wizard. Just mount to your garage wall, and this parking assistant will illuminate a red stop light when your car reaches the perfect stopping point that you pre-determined. Read more

  • Maxsa Park Right Single Laser Guided Parking System

Maxsa Park Right Single Laser Guided Parking System

Fed up with the door and fender dings on your car from pulling into your garage too deep or too far to the side? Instead, park like a pro every time with the Single Laser Guided Parking System. This automatic guidance system allows you to pull into the exact same spot time and time again with laser-beam accuracy! Read more

  • Radar Parking Assistant

Radar Parking Assistant for One Vehicle

The Radar Parking Assistant acts like a traffic light for your garage. It mounts to your garage wall and guides you in parking your vehicle. The stop light indicator turns green, then yellow, then red to indicate distance, using radar detection to stop you in a safe, precise distance from the wall, every time. Read more

  • Park Right Vehicle Parking Mat and Sensor for the Garage – Black

Park Right Vehicle Parking Mat and Sensor for the Garage - Black

The Park Right® Vehicle Parking Mat acts as a sensor that will take the guesswork out of garage parking. Simply place it in the exact location where your front left or right wheel should rest for a safe parking spot and you’ll clearly feel the exact stopping position you have selected every time you pull in. Read more

  • Park N Place – Garage Parking Position Flashing Indicator Light

Park N Place - Garage Parking Position Flashing Indicator Light

Say goodbye to that unsightly tennis ball on a string! Just take the Park N Place out of the box, snap it together, and place it wherever you want to stop your car, truck or SUV. A miniature stop sign sits atop a pole that is attached to a secure base. When you make contact with the pole, the sign will instantly move and the stop sign will begin flashing letting you know you are in the right spot. The Park N Place is unlike hanging a tennis ball from the ceiling that seems to always be in the way while you working, is easier to use than a laser guided parking system that requires mounting and running of a power cable, and is much more visible than a vehicle parking mat that can slide around if not securely fastened to the floor. You can quickly and easily pick up and move the Park N Place parking indicator wherever you like, depending on if you pull straight in, back in, or want to park a different vehicle.
Read more

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