Turn an iPhone into a Waterproof Underwater Camera

Keystone ECO Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase

Let’s face it. We treat our cell phones the same as we would our own kids. We want them to be safe and secure at all times. If they’re not in our hands we are constantly glancing over at them to make sure they’re ok, still there, or to see if they’re trying to tell us something. If we leave them home alone we constantly think and worry about them until we are reunited with them, if they make a noise we come running, and if they die we feel devastated for our loss. We do our best to keep our cell phones safe, even if that means leaving them behind occasionally. The mortal enemy of the Smartphone has always been water. Now, with a Waterproof Smartphone MarineCase from Keystone ECO water, sand, snow and dirt will no longer be a dangerous predator but instead a welcome friend. You’ll never have to worry about leaving your cell phone behind and unattended again. Protect your phone from the elements. You and your phone will both benefit!

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Left the Curling Iron On? Turn it Off Remotely While You are Still Out!

If it Plugs In, You Can Turn it On or Off from Anywhere with Wemo

Belkin F7C027fcAPL WeMo Home Automation Switch

  • Turn electronics on or off – from anywhere
  • Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet, at home and away
  • You’ve already got everything you need: WeMo works with your existing Wi-Fi router and any Apple iPod touch, iPhone, iPad – iOS 5 or higher

You no longer have to worry again about burning the house down with a left-on curling iron or space heater. You don’t have to worry about wasting electricity with that left-on closet light. Coffee still brewing at home while you are already in an office meeting? Simply bust out that iPhone or iPad and turn it off! All you need is your phone, WeMo and the WeMo App and you are ready to save money, conserve energy and maintain peace of mind. With WeMo, you can remotely turn on or off any appliance plugged in to a WeMo switch from anywhere your phone or tablet receives internet. Or, you can set timers and schedules while you are away. With mutlitple WeMo Switches and Motion Sensors, you can control as much of your home at your fingertips as you like!

Clean Up Your Desk By Untangling Those Cords

Your desk is covered in electronics. Most electronics come with cords. Therefore, Your desk is covered in cords.

Untangle the nest of cords with these handy organizers:

1. Quirky COR-2-BLU Cordies Desktop Cable Cord Organizer – Blue
Quirky COR-2-BLU Cordies Desktop Cable Cord Organizer - Blue

  • Contains three individual loop spaces, enabling you to store many cables at once
  • Perfect for power cords, USB cords, cell phone chargers and computer cords
  • Compact size: 3.5 inches wide
  • Also comes in Gray, Pink, and White.

2. Dotz, LLC DCI201CO Dotz Identifiers, Computer/Office


Dotz, LLC DCI201CO Dotz Identifiers, Computer/Office

  • Dotz attach to cords and cables for easy identification
  • Can be easily removed and reused
  • 24 punch-out icon tabs and 12 DIY punch-out icon tabs
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3. Quirky CON-1-GRN Contort Flexible USB Hub, 4 Ports
Quirky CON-1-GRN Contort Flexible USB Hub, 4 Ports

  • Sturdy plastic hub with four easily accessible USB ports
  • Flexible TPE rubber neck, with 360-degree mobility
  • Built-in cord management, with four anchors to corral your cables
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4. Dotz, LLC CWA503W Dotz Cord Wrap, White
Dotz, LLC CWA503W Dotz Cord Wrap, White

  • A fun and simple way to instantly protect, shorten and store cords, ear buds and cables.
  • Easy-to-use: just wrap it and snap it
  • Innovative and portable design is a colorful way to conquer unruly cords
  • Includes 1 cord wrap, 1 removable clip, 1 suction cup, 1 Dotz cord identifier and 1 DIY punch-out identifier tab
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5. CordCtrl Headphone Cord and Cable Wrap Management System – Black
CordCtrl Headphone Cord and Cable Wrap Management System - Black

  • Made of 100% high grade liquid silicon
  • Firmly holds both ends of your headphones
  • Perfect for any iPhone, iPod, or any other MP3 player or mobile phone
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Schedule Specific Home Devices and Appliances to Turn On and Off While You Are Away

SECO-LARM SA-027WQ 7-Day Timer ModuleThe SA-027WQ 7-Day Timer Module from SECO-LARM acts as both a security deterrent and a simple way of having specific home appliances and devices turn on and off. If you plan on taking a vacation and need to show a faux presence within your home, the SA-027WQ can be set to turn on certain lights at specific times and dates to give your home the appearance of being occupied while you’re away. This 7-Day timer is also perfect for when you simply want specific home devices and appliances on a timer, a perfect strategy for saving both money and energy.

The SA-027WQ provides many convenient features such as enclosed terminals for a safer installation, a backlit integrated LCD display, programmable security code lock out, and much more. During a power failure, the timer utilizes the included backup battery to assure that clock times are preserved making outages easier to deal with. Additionally, this timer provides a Holiday Function for up to 99 days and can execute 60 flexible events, provides 16 schedules including daily, weekly, weekends and so fourth, can utilize a 12 or 24-hour clock format, and the mode selection provides manual relay operation. A robust package in a small module, the SA-027WQ will provide for all of your timing and scheduling needs.
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