Add Amazing Bass to Your Entertainment System By a Powerful Subwoofer

IntraSonic JA-SS7 Freestanding Powered SubwooferEvery proper Home Theater audio system requires a dedicated channel for bass and the Freestanding Powered Subwoofer from Intrasonic delivers room filling, rich and powerful bass. With its compact design, this subwoofer easily blends with any home’s decor and can easily fit inside a small cabinet or home entertainment center. The rear of the unit has left and right RCA jack and spring terminals that allow you to plug in peripheral speakers. The adjustable frequency control knobs also allow you to set the bass at the levels that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • Built-in 80 Watt amplifier with a 120 Watt output maximum
  • Active long throw woofer drivers
  • Compact size will fit in home entertainment centers
  • Adjustable frequency control
  • Stereo (L/R) line inputs

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Unleash Audio Bliss Upon Your Ears


Velleman K4040 Chrome Tube Stereo Amplifier, 2x90W RMS

  • Provides and entire kit ready for you to assemble
  • Features EL34 tubes for warm and rich sound quality
  • Ultra-linear toroid output and power transformers for deep bass
  • Heavy duty, gold plated speaker and RCA connection points
  • Designed around one PCB for effortless assembly and wiring

Some people enjoy building model airplanes while others enjoy crafting things from wood. However, if premium sound quality is important to you or if you are an audiophile who loves to get involved with the hands-on aspect of audio equipment, then the Chrome Tube Stereo Amplifier kit from Valleman may just be the product for you. This kit comes with unique features to assure that it delivers the best in an audio listening experience. Warm, smooth, and rich audio is obtained with EL34 tubes allowing for excellent sound quality delivered to the listener and as the tubes break-in and age, the quality of the audio becomes richer. The K4040 will literally continue to deliver quality audio as time goes on while those who enjoy Tube Rolling will take pleasure in finding that right set of tubes to satisfy their ears. Heavy duty, ultra-linear toroid outputs and power transformers as well as gold plated speaker and RCA connectors help to reinforce the overall sound quality of the K4040. This clean sounding, low distortion amplifier can push up to 90 watts of RMS power to two speakers, providing plenty of volume and thump so you can actually feel the music. If you have the skills and the knowhow, then the end result earned by assembling the K4040 kit will be more than gratifying. Read more

Your Team, Your Tunes, Your Way.

It’s football season: Support your team loudly and proudly!

Acoustic Research AWSBTS Portable Wireless Speaker

Stake out your territory at your next tailgate. With this portable speaker you can be a loud and proud supporter of your favorite team. Pimp your wireless speaker with custom Skinit covers. There are skins to choose from for almost every sport and professional or collegiate team. Don’t find your team? Support the minor leagues or even your own team by customizing your own design online with personal images on

All this on a great sounding, ultra-portable wireless speaker featuring Bluetooth technology, that’s easy to connect with your smartphone, iPod, tablet, or netbook. There’s even a storage compartment to hold your phone or other essentials. Make it yours

Acoustic Research AWSBTS Portable Wireless Speaker

Dome Aquarium Provides Entertainment for the Whole Family Including Other Pets

The Aquarium Bundle from BioBubble is a unique and easy to setup aquarium kit for fish, frogs, turtles and many other freshwater or saltwater animals. The 3 gallon BioBubble Aquarium offers a 360° interior view and with super grip feet pads it can be placed safely on a counter, table or desktop without the fear of it being easily knocked over. Its 16 inch diameter dome and secure gripping feet also allow the BioBubble to be left out to provide non-stop daily entertainment for your other pets, such as a cat or small dog. The dome aquarium can be kept on a desktop or in a bedroom without causing an audible distraction thanks to its quiet running internal filtration system. However, you may find yourself getting distracted from time to time just to watch your aquatic pets swim around which may even be a good thing on those days you find yourself a little stressed out. Its powerful filter also provides adjustable filtration to help ensure a clean and healthy environment for your aquatic friend. The BioBubble has a revolutionary design which helps to make up-keep of it quick and simple. It features an expandable sleeve that rises up to hold the fresh or saltwater in place allowing for the dome to be removed, cleaned and clasped back on. A ventilated cap at the top of the dome allows fresh air into the BioBubble Aquarium and it can also be removed to easily add food. The BioBubble is 5 star approved by the American Pet Association (APA).
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