Get the Candlelit Ambience without Messy Wax Drips and Dangerous Open Flames

Pacific Accents FLA-TAP9-IV-2 LED Flameless Taper Candle Set of 2, Ivory
The LED Flameless Taper Candle can replace your existing candle fixtures for a safer, cleaner space.

Candles are an easy way to change the mood of your surroundings. You can create a romantic candlelit dinner or unwind and relax after a stressful day. However, the potential for dripping wax and hazards of an open flame do not make candles the ideal lighting method especially with children and pets present. Afraid to light candles for fear of not blowing them out? Each candle can be manually turned off with the flick of a switch or simply let it glow until the built-in timer turns it off automatically after 6 hours. Read more

Light Your Way to that Midnight Snack!

No more fumbling around in the dark for that midnight snack!

Xodus Innovations BL200 In Cabinet Light, White

The In Cabinet Light from Xodus Innovations is a quick-fix for adding light to just about any dark corner, closet or cabinet of a home. It’s powered by 4 C batteries (sold separately) allowing it to operate wirelessly without having to rely upon an AC outlet which in-turn makes it a great emergency power outage light. Read more

For the Reptile-philes

Hey, not all of us can be cat or dog lovers.

BioBubble Reptile Bundle Terra Edition with Mesh Riser - Black

The Reptile Bundle Terra Edition with Mesh Riser from BioBubble is a unique and easy to set up habitat for a pet reptile. The BioBubble reptile habitat offers a 360° interior view and with super grip feet pads it can be placed safely on a counter, table or desktop without the fear of it being easily knocked over. Its 16 inch diameter dome connects to a clear 12 inch stainless steel mesh riser extension to increase the height of the BioBubble and create additional interior space for the pet and accessories. Its secure gripping feet allow the BioBubble to be left out on display and provide non-stop daily entertainment for your other pets, such as a cat or small dog. The Reptile Bundle is designed to easily accommodate the mounting of a reptile lamp or heat rock with the ability to run a cord through the top of the dome and out the side of BioBubble. Cleanup has been made simple with the BioBubble removable bedding tray that includes carbon pads to absorb odors associated with pets. When a change in bedding is needed the animals can stay-put in their home while the tray is slid out from underneath the habitat, cleaned and then reinserted into the base. The Reptile Bundle is perfect for use at home, school or even an office and is ideally sized for small reptile, large insect or cold-blooded mammal. The BioBubble is 5 star approved by the American Pet Association (APA).

The Terra Edition Bundle is for use as a land habitat for a reptile, insect or even to grow plants. However, this product is also available in a Premium Edition which will allow it to be used as an aquatic habitat. Read more