An “Easy Button” that Keeps You Safe

Get Emergency Help from a 911 Emergency Operator with the Push of a Button

Just In Case 911-HSBS 911 Emergency Phone Base and Handset

The outside world can sometimes be a scary place, and your home should be a safe escape from outside dangers. With Just In Case’s 911 Emergency 1 touch Phone, you will be ensured peace of mind at home. This “safety button” is a 1-button device that will directly connect the user to an emergency response operator when pushed. Part of what makes this emergency response system so unique is that it merely involves a one time purchase to provide immediate help in the event of a fall, accident, fire, home break-in or medical emergency. All it takes is connecting the base unit to a phone line and setting up the handset to provide you with the peace-of-mind that your loved ones will have quick, direct access to emergency help if ever needed. This 911 emergency system comes with 1 waterproof handset and 1 base which can support up to a total of 5 handsets should more than 1 be desired.

Don’t wait to feel safe in your own home! It’s just one push away!

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