Remote Control Toy Gives Your Dog a Fun and Challenging Workout

The Go-Go Dog Pals remote control dog toy is revolutionizing your dog’s exercise and is one of the few remote control toy’s that are sturdy and well-built. Each chassis is custom made with a durable, lightweight material and is designed for a constant barrage of paws. Each Go-Go Dog Pal is outfitted with an advanced remote control system that allows for long range operating, allowing you to remain where you are while your dog frantically chases their new favorite toy. The included remote control is easy to us with a simple trigger button that acts as the throttle and small wheel for steering. Each Go-Go Dog Pal can travel at a high speed, approximately 35 km/h (roughly 22 mph) and provides your dog with an exciting chase around the backyard, park, or other open space that is safe to operate. Components within the chassis are easy to access and easily replaceable in the event that your dog finally catches this toy.
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Get a Workout Whenever Time Permits with a Mini Exercise Bike that Fits Under an Office Desk

BetaFlex KH515 Royal Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike
In today’s fast paced lifestyle it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to find time to sneak off to the gym for a workout. There just doesn’t seem to be enough hours in the day to get done everything on the to-do list and typically the easiest one to talk yourself out of doing is working out. With the Royal Electronic Smart Mini Exercise Bike from BetaFlex you can now get a workout without having to leave your office or desk. This compact exercise bike conveniently fits underneath an office desk so that throughout the day working in some exercise time can be done without having to even leave your desk. The Mini Exercise Bike plugs into a standard AC outlet and will track distance pedaled, speed, calories burned and time. It has 4 different workout program modes (ramp, rolling, mountain and valley) that each offers a different intensity. Between the pedals is a detachable LCD controller that displays all the aforementioned workout statistics so that they can be easily tracked if the exercise bike is being used under a desk or table. The removable display controller also allows for adjustments to speed, time, mode or even pedal direction while working out. The Smart Mini Exercise Bike measures 17″ x 12″ x 9.5″ and has an auto-shutoff function to turn off the bike if unused for a period of 60 seconds.
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Durable Weatherproof Cable for Outdoor Wi-Fi Antenna Installations

Amped Wireless APC25EX Premium Outdoor WiFi Antenna Cable, 25 FeetThe Amped Wireless Premium 25 Foot Outdoor WiFi Antenna Cable is a durable, low signal loss, outdoor WiFi antenna extension cable for use with outdoor WiFi antennas. The APC25EX is made from the highest quality material and craftsmanship to provide a durable (designed to last over 20 years outdoors), weatherproof connection between your wireless device and your outdoor WiFi antenna. Premium RF shielding and build material ensures high signal efficiency for minimal signal loss and maximum performance over long distances. The Premium 25 Foot Outdoor WiFi Antenna Cable is designed for use with the Amped Wireless 14dBi Directional Outdoor WiFi Antenna or the 8dBi Omni-Directional Outdoor WiFi Antenna, as well as other compatible outdoor antennas with N-Type Female Connectors.

Extended Length Cable: Extend the length of your WiFi antenna installations by up to 25 feet outdoors.

Weatherproof Construction: Rugged construction and corrosion resistant shielding allows for reliable use outdoors.

Premium Quality: Premium build quality and materials ensures that your WiFi devices perform at their highest levels with minimal signal loss. Nickel plated connectors create a solid connection between the Premium Cable, your antenna and WiFi device.

Compatibility: Works with 2.4GHz 802.11a/b/g/n WiFi antennas and devices with N-Type female connectors.

Flexibility: The Premium Antenna Cable is built with high quality material that allows for maximum flexibility for custom installations.

Plug and Play Setup: Simply attach one end of the Premium Cable to your outdoor Wi-Fi antenna and attach the other end to the surge protector or directly to the WiFi devices N-type connector

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