Provide Warmth, Shelter, and a Positive Growing Environment for Your Plants

STC EG45812VG Easy-Grow Black Master Greenhouse, 8x12

  • Greenhouse provides a nurturing environment for your plants to fully thrive
  • Solid construction provides shelter during off seasons and windy-stormy conditions
  • Provides conveniences such as integrated shelving and an automatic roof vent
  • Spacious, covering 150 sq. feet of room for you and your plants
  • Comes as a kit with everything needed for assembly, you just provide the tools

Grow your plants to optimum height and fullness with the Easy-Grow Black Master Greenhouse from STC. The EG45812VG is an 8 foot by 12 foot, double door Greenhouse that features heavy gauge aluminum construction and an automatic roof opener to handle overheating. In addition, this Greenhouse comes with everything needed for assembly and provides a total of 150 sq. feet of usage, installed shelving, as well as a wall-mounted smart vent with available manual adjustment settings. The Black Master Greenhouse is ideal for sheltering sensitive plants during off-seasons such as winter, as well as allowing new plants to fully form in a nurturing environment that caters to overall plant growth. The design of this Greenhouse makes maintenance hassle free and can easily handle upwards of 80 MPH winds thanks to its solid framing, thick panels, and included ground stakes. Your plants deserve the best, so give them the best with the Black Master Greenhouse.

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Orange Ball Spews Out a Power Cord; Solves a First World Problem

Product Title (In box)

  • Winds in fast and slows down to prevent whipping action that can cause injury or damage
  • Operate free standing, on a bench, or mounted on a wall with an optional mounting bracket
  • Three outlet receptacle ball with LED indicator lights, power on/off button, and retract switch
  • Rewind button on top of unit and at end of extension cord
  • Made with high impact designer plastics

From the company Great Stuff, comes…well…something great! The RoboReel Power Cord System is a device suited for today’s modern conveniences. Nothing is quite as agenizing as having to reel up a dirty and twisted up power extension cable after having worked on your project. Your forehead all sweaty, hands all sore and dirty. In a semi-perfect world, that cable would wind itself up. Well, guess what? That’s what the RoboReel Power Cord System is here to do. Contained within this tiny orange ball is a 50 foot, 12 gauge extension cord that will automatically wind itself up thanks to the built in motor. A simple push of a button on top of the orange ball will automatically retract the cable, winding it up perfectly every time. There is also a button on top of the cable-end that when pressed will cause the cable to retract or even shut off the power throughout the extension. This device is chock-full of features like the ability to shut off if the extension cord is cut in half, it spins 360° allowing you to effortlessly pull the cord. It slows down at the last moment of cable retraction so it won’t go whipping around breaking things. This precursor to R2D2 has three power plugs and can attach to a wall, bench, work truck, or even a ceiling with the ceiling mounted version. The RobotReel is for the person who thinks they have everything or for those who really want something that’s fully functional and feature rich. Read More