As temperatures heat up, make sure your canine friends stay cool!

HyperKewl 8511 L Blue Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad, Large
As the weather continues to heat up, more measures must be taken in order to not only keep ourselves cool but our canine friends as well. With an Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad from HyperKewl all it takes is 1-2 minutes of soaking in water to give your dog a cool place to sit for up to 10 hours. Upon submerging the pad in water, the HyperKewl fabric used will absorb, store and then release water within the pad through evaporation to cool your dog down. After removing the coat from soaking, excess water should be gently squeezed out and wiped away. This process can be repeated as often as needed throughout the course of the day to provide continuous cooling. The Large Evaporative Cooling Dog Pad is 23 inches x 36 inches and ideally sized for dogs approximately 70 lbs in weight.

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One key to home convenience is…eliminating the need for unnecessary keys!

Design House 702548 Electronic Keypad Deadbolt, Brushed BronzeWith an Electronic Keypad Deadbolt from Design House you can eliminate your need for a house key while at the same time upgrading the décor of your home. This Electronic Deadbolt has a 12-button keypad and is powered by 4 AA batteries (sold separately). The keypad is backlit for added convenience at night so that punching in an entry password is just as easy as it would be during the day. The Keypad Deadbolt can hold as many as 300 entry passwords with 1 of them serving as the Master Code. The Master Code has override functions to add/remove passwords as well as activating various modes of the lock such as disabling use for all codes except the Master Code. Access passwords consist of 6-digit codes that, when input and accepted, will illuminate a green LED indicator light and unlock the deadbolt for entrance. In the event the Electronic Deadbolt’s batteries die, the door lock can still be opened and closed through the use of an included emergency override key. The Electronic Keypad Deadbolt has an adjustable backset of 2-3/8″ or 2-3/4″ and is designed for door thicknesses of 1-3/8″ to 1-3/4″. This door lock has a Grade 2 Security rating meaning it is designed and built to provide excellent durability and security for residential applications as well as light commercial applications.
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In honor of our 20th Anniversary we are having a month long sales event–it is our biggest sale ever! Simply buy your regular gadgets from Smarthome and receive a free gift! Look below for the first two free gift choices. The more you spend, the better the gift you get..although they are all pretty cool!

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Pen Secretly Captures Audio While Retaining Full Writing Functionality

MemoQ PRMAMQ77 Black and Silver Recorder Pen
If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to secretly capture audio, look no further than the MemoQ PRMAMQ77 Recorder Pen. Looks can be deceiving as this sleek and professional pen not only actually retains its writing abilities, but captures and records audio as well. The PRMAMQ77 features no lights or buttons and provides up to three selectable levels of recording quality. The onboard rechargeable battery provides an astonishing 12 hours of battery life and takes only three hours to charge. Confidently leave it out in the open and its built-in audio detection sensor will automatically start recording if it hears any noise(s). It even pauses automatically once the noise(s) have ceased and generates and stores the new audio file.

Audio is captured in .WAV format and the included remote allows you to fast forward, rewind, start, stop, and listen (via headphones) directly from the PRMAMQ77. Plug it into a Windows 32/64-bit based computer with USB and transfer your audio files to storage for safe keeping. 256MB of onboard memory allows for up to 36 hours of total recording space when using the Low Quality setting. With so many features, this device is sure to be your go to for when you need to capture potentially important information while keeping things hidden.
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