Get Instant Intrusion Verification – Eliminate False Alarms with Listen-In and 2-Way Sound

United Security Products AVD-5000 4-Channel Verification Voice Dialer
Identifying the intrusion is critical to determine the proper response. The AVD-5000 Auto Voice Dialer allows for ‘Listen-In‘ as well as ‘2-way Communication‘ modes. The high sensitivity microphone and speaker unit will allow the listener to hear sounds within the room or area and have a speaker phone conversation. Listen for footsteps, sounds and voices up to 70 feet from the dialer. You can check in on elderly family memebers or make sure the kids get home safe. With a built in microphone and speaker (with 50 foot audio cable included), you can communicate with whomever may be in your home.

United Security Products (USP) Automatic Dialers are a new generation of security communications and notification equipment – compact and user friendly. USP Dialers deliver the most advanced technology in the World today. The Automatic Voice Dialer combines technologically advanced features, ease of programming and reliable operation in a compact, unobtrusive dialer completely compatible with any security alarm system. This voice dialer can be incorporated into security systems or used as a stand-alone unit, and can easily be expanded to operate in conjunction with an alarm, temperature or water level sensor, or any other sensor that can provide the appropriate trigger.
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