Simple. But with All the Features you Need for a Spare/Backup Cell Phone.

The SpareOne V387D8WCCWL GSM Emergency Mobile Cellular Phone lets you stay freed from the need of power outlets, and can be used anywhere within range of a GSM cell tower, all on the strength of a single AA battery (ships with battery included). It is simple, for all ages – Easy as 1.2.3:

  1. Insert your own or a new SIM card (SIM card sold separately)
  2. Turn on the phone
  3. Call

Even without a SIM card, SpareOne has one-button emergency dialing (911 etc.), and can be geo-located in an emergency.

Outstanding Performance with a Single AA Battery
SpareOne is the only cell phone in the world powered by a standard A battery. This is a technological breakthrough! Smart patented power engineering allows users to take advantage of this widely available an inexpensive battery – A regular AA ! SpareOne won’t make you depend on an AC outlet.

A Battery Shelf life of 15 Years. Talk Time for up to 10 Hours..
We broke all records! The SpareOne can hold its charge, if stored unused, for up to 15 years or for the shelf life of the battery inserted. And when in use, SpareOne has a talk time of 10 hours! This is all made possible by a single AA battery.

Innovative. Out of the box. One-of-a-kind design.
When it comes to SpareOne, design and technology blend perfectly. The SpareOne was designed to be innovative and different. It is truly one-of-a-kind. The phone celebrates its technology and uniqueness by showing off its AA battery.
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