Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own digital butler

What is KAROTZ? KAROTZ is fun and convenience that the whole family can enjoy on a daily basis. The KAROTZ Smart Rabbit connects to your network via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable and once it is setup it will bring the internet to life. KAROTZ can read you the news in the morning, update you on sports scores, give you the daily weather report in the morning and much, much more! The Smart Rabbit can also play your favorite MP3 files or stream your favorite internet radio stations. KAROTZ adds new appz everyday to allow for customization just the way you want it.

Are you a Facebook and Twitter fanatic? If so, you can audibly update either feed by speaking to the Smart Rabbit and letting it know what status to post or ask it to read you your Twitter feed. For those of you that are more email oriented the KAROTZ Smart Rabbit will alert you when new emails arrive. It also comes with a built-in webcam so you can keep an eye on your house when you aren’t home as well as set it to notify you when your child gets home from school in the afternoons. Best of all, the KAROTZ Smart Rabbit is Smartphone and tablet controlled with a multitude of Apple® and Android applications available.

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