Dimming LED Desk Lamp With Built-In Air Purifier

Vortex Enterprise VE1001-A LED Lamp with Air Purifier
The LED Lamp with Air Purifier from Vortex Enterprise combines an energy efficient LED desk lamp with a sanitary air purifier. The lamp is comprised of 42 LEDs which are 90% more efficient than fluorescent lighting and have a lifespan of 50,000 hours. Another benefit to LED lighting is no flickering. Flickering fluorescent lights can cause headaches and impact the ability to concentrate and even lead to eye strain. The Vortex LED Lamp comes with 3 levels of dimming. The 1st level is high, or reading mode, and it helps reduce eye strain with a high-range color temperature. The 2nd level is medium, or relaxing mode, and it features a 600 LUX mid-range color temperature to help unwind similarly to the dimming of lights while watching a movie. The 3rd level is low, or bedtime mode, and it encourages sleep with a low-range color temperature.
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Defend You and Your Family from Bears with a Long-Range Pepper Spray Dispenser

Mace 80346 Bear Pepper Spray
Heading to the woods for a camping or hiking excursion? Be sure to take this Mace Bear Pepper Spray in your pack for added protection from potential bear attacks. Drive off bears with this powerful magnum fogger, which blasts a powerful yet safe and humane hot pepper solution up to 35 feet for 6 seconds. The safety clip prevents accidental discharging.

  • Protect yourself from a possible bear attack
  • Safe, effective and humane 2% capsaicinoid concentrate spray
  • Magnum fogger sprays up to 35 feet for 6 seconds
  • Safety clip prevents accidental discharge

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