Enjoy High Quality Audio Throughout Your Home

Channel Vision AB-904IA 4 Source, 4-Zone CAT5 Audio Kit - Ivory

  • Utilizes inexpensive CAT5 cable for audio distribution
  • Included IR remote controls song selection and volume level
  • Play four different sources in four different zones simultaneously
  • Simple installation and integration
  • Attractive controls and face plates will blend with any homes decor

The AB-904IA 4 Source, 4-Zone CAT5 Audio Kit from Channel Vision is an excellent whole-house music solution. It allows up to four different sources to be played in four different zones simultaneously, making it perfect for families with a variety of listening interests. By utilizing inexpensive and reliable CAT5 cable, you are able to distribute your favorite music to four separate parts of your home. Controlling your music is easy with the A-BUS Matrix source specific IR repeating which allows independent control of identical source components. The included remote control allows you to easily adjust the volume level on the keypads without leaving the comfort of your chair.

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