Tiny USB Utility Device That Recovers Your iPhone’s Precious Data

Paraben iRecovery Stick iPhone Data Recovery Tool

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to recover lost information from your beloved iPhone, the iRecovery Stick from Paraben is available for you. The iRecovery Stick is a small, USB thumb-drive device whose sole purpose is to assure the recovery of your deleted Contacts, SMS, Text Messages, Call History, Pictures, Calendar Entries, and more. One of the coolest features of the iRecovery Stick is the ability to recover Data Tracking Points (iOS versions: V4.3.2 or earlier) which allows you to see where your iPhone has been. Recovered Data Tracking Points are displayed in Google Earth (separate download and installation required) so you can visually see individual locations including time stamps and dates!

Designed for everyone, it’s as easy as connecting your iPhone to a computer and then connecting the iRecovery Stick to an available USB port on the same computer. Once both devices are connected to the same computer, startup the included software installed on the iRecovery Stick and simply choose what lost information you want to recover; Click and go! Similar to what Law Enforcement Agencies use, iRecovery Stick’s data recovery software is now on its way to recovering your lost data and you’ll be back up and running within 15 minutes to a few hours. Upon completion, recovered data is sorted into its own corresponding category and can even be generated into a report. Such powerful and simple features makes the iRecovery Stick a necessary addition to your iPhone.
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