Portable Mister Repels Mosquitoes and Other Similar Insects within 2000sq ft Radius

Tired of caking on bug spray just to keep annoying mosquitoes away from you while trying to enjoy a day or night outside? If so, the Mosquito Mister 2000 from Terminix AllClear is your safe and portable solution. The Mosquito Mister 2000 effectively repels 90% flying insects, such as mosquitoes, over a 2000sq ft area for as much as 6 hours. An included remote lets users operate the mister from a safe distance and activate again, when needed, without having to move. The unit can be easily moved around to the ideal location thanks to its extendable handle and wheels at the base to allow for movement like that of a travel suitcase. With the Mosquito Mister 2000 you won’t have to worry about electrical outlets or wires because it is powered by a rechargeable battery pack. The battery pack can be removed when its power is low and recharged (adapter included) to provide 15 mist applications before needing to charge again. The mist solution (sold separately) released from the Mister 2000 is fast working, made from a solution of plant oils and safe for people, pets and the environment.

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