Monitor Social Media and Email Accounts & Get Alerted When There are New Posts and Emails

Dream Cheeky 906 USB Mailbox Activity Alert

The USB Mailbox Activity Alert from Dream Cheeky is designed for use with Windows 7 or later to provide social media and email alerts. The dongle connects to an available USB port on a computer and allows for the setup of custom sound and visual color alerts to notify you of a new email or tweet. Upon setup users will be able to personalize alerts for such programs as Gmail, Yahoo mail, Outlook Express, POP3, Weibo, Facebook, Twitter and other similar applications. The Mailbox will monitor all accounts that you choose to setup so that you don’t have to waste time checking them when there are no new emails or updates to see.

  • Mailbox alerts when there is a social media update or new email
  • Personalize different alerts for each account
  • Dongle connects to USB port of computer
  • Works with Windows 7 or later
  • Compatible Gmail, Outlook, Facebook, Twitter and more

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