Premium Metal Detector Provides Insightful Functions for Precision and Ease of Use

Open the doors to possibilities with the Master Edition Metal Detector from Barska. Featuring a plethora of features from sensitivity adjustments to actual metal discrimination, the Pro Edition Metal will help make an ordinary stroll through a park into a treasuring hunting adventure. The Master Edition Metal Detector provides three operating modes. The first mode avoids false signals from mineralized soil. The second mode can detect subtle differences in metals such as iron versus gold. The third and final mode detects even finer distinctions between metals such as aluminum and gold. Each type of detectable metal has its own unique tone so you’ll know right away what type of metal you have come across.

The Master Edition Metal Detector even features Auto Tune, allowing you to adjust for quick and precise accuracy. All results are displayed on the attached view meter. Volume control, speaker and headphone (sold separate) output, and an adjustable stem and arm complete this robust, treasure hunting device. Operating on two 9v alkaline batteries (not included), the Master Edition Metal Detector goes where you g. The 8″ waterproofed search coil even allows you to safely operate and search in shallow water, further extending the possibilities of finding that hidden metallic gem. Who knows what you’ll come across, maybe an old ring or perhaps a fancy watch, there are tons of metallic goodies just waiting to be discovered! Get out there and get searching!

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