Get Up Close and Reveal Details Previously Unseen by the Naked Eye

Product Title (In box)

The AY11336 Compact Digital Microscope is easy to use, getting you up close to just about anything, revealing details which would have been almost impossible to see with the naked eye. This Compact Digital Microscope is plug and play, requiring no other software, and utilizes USB 2.0 to send what the microscope sees to your computer’s monitor for easy viewing. There is no peering into a tiny hole which means no eye strain and considerably less fatigue. There are no batteries required because it receives power from your computer’s USB port. Six integrated LEDs provide light for enhanced clarity and an instant snapshot feature captures images to store for later reference. Its 10x – 300x zoom adjustments gives you extreme range, accuracy, and flexibility. Study rocks and other gems, get up close to plants and insects to unveil a whole new world of life, or use it on electronic devices during repairs and inspections. With such a convenient tool, the possibilities go on and on.

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