Get Up Close and Reveal Details Previously Unseen by the Naked Eye

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The AY11336 Compact Digital Microscope is easy to use, getting you up close to just about anything, revealing details which would have been almost impossible to see with the naked eye. This Compact Digital Microscope is plug and play, requiring no other software, and utilizes USB 2.0 to send what the microscope sees to your computer’s monitor for easy viewing. There is no peering into a tiny hole which means no eye strain and considerably less fatigue. There are no batteries required because it receives power from your computer’s USB port. Six integrated LEDs provide light for enhanced clarity and an instant snapshot feature captures images to store for later reference. Its 10x – 300x zoom adjustments gives you extreme range, accuracy, and flexibility. Study rocks and other gems, get up close to plants and insects to unveil a whole new world of life, or use it on electronic devices during repairs and inspections. With such a convenient tool, the possibilities go on and on.

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Enjoy Using Your iPad on the Beach, Around the Pool, in the Bath or on your Boat

The DNDistribution AM810W AM Waterproof Tablet Case delivers a high quality, economical waterproof case for your iPad. This iPad tablet case is ideal for indoor and outdoor multi-puprose use and is comaptible with all iPad models. It has specially designed enclosure that makes it great for use with water sports, games and pools in mind. Its special, unique and state-of-art design guarantees 100% waterproof security, even under water up to 1 meter deep. The case floats at surface level even with the iPad inside so you can retrieve it if it accidentaly gets dropped in the water. The iPad can be put inside and removed within seconds and without the need for any tools. You can even continue to listen to your favorite music or videos when the iPad is in the case.

Protect your investment with this economical weatherproof case. Ideal for sailboats, powerboats, or any water sport, it also protects your iPad from sand and water when you go to the beach or on the pool deck. Watch movies or read in your hot tub or while cooking in the kitchen. Stop worrying that the kids will drop your iPad in the water and enjoy your day. Run your favorite navigation app or listen to your iTunes music library on your boat even in foul weather.
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