Biometric and Numeric Code Entry can be added to Electronic Strike, Magnetic Lock or Garage Door

Xceltronix i-touch/i-access i-Touch with i-Access Kit

  • Biometric control for garage door, electronic strike or magnetic lock
  • Recognizes up to 30 fingerprints and numeric codes
  • Temporary access can be granted up to 30 days
  • Mountable in both indoors and out
  • Provides safety and security through keyless entry

Xceltronix’s i-Touch with i-Access Kit adds keyless entry to an electronic strike, magnetic lock or garage door by allowing users to open either with a verified fingerprint scan or numeric code. The i-Touch device can store up to 30 fingerprints and 30 numeric codes allowing whoever holds the master code to determine which are permanent and which are temporary. Temporary access codes or fingerprints can be made active for between 1 and 30 days. The i-Access should be mounted in a secure area as it is the gatekeeper permitting and denying entrance to its connected door. For proper setup the i-Access should be mounted near the i-Touch and does not need to be mounted next to the door opener. Both the i-Touch and i-Access can be mounted either indoors or out depending upon the application desired.

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It Acts Like a Cat Box, Cleans Like an Appliance and Flushes Like a Toilet

Cats have a reputation for being pretty self-sufficient, but any cat owner knows that if you don’t maintain the litter box regularly, you can be left with a smelly mess. Eliminate the hassle with a cat box that has no litter to scoop, touch, or change. The CatGenie Self-Cleaning Litter Box connects to your bathroom or laundry room water line to flush cat waste out of your house. It automatically washes, sanitizes and dries your pet’s bathroom area to leave it dust, odor, and germ free. The CatGenie PowerFlusher System, which includes the Turbo Hopper, cuts through hairballs and other tough debris, then flushes and drains the waste faster and cleaner than ever before. Ideal for homes with two to three cats over 6 months old, the CatGenie Cat Box is easy to set up and maintains itself.
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Keep your Valuable Audio Video Components Cool

Active Thermal Management 00-120-02 Cool-cube E, with 6-Feet of 2-Inch TubingThe Active Thermal 00-120-02 Cool-cube E (replacing the original Cool-cube) was developed for the home theater design and installation community. Combining a compact power module with either 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch flexible tubing, Cool-cube E will pull heated air out of a closed mid-size cabinet, small closet, or enclosed video projector, holding a typical home theater system and quietly move it to a nearby closet, utility room, crawl space, etc. The power module measures 6″ x 6″ x 10″ and is powerful enough to move a useful amount of air through tubing thin enough to snake through all but the most crowded cabinets.

The Cool-cube E features a new control system, activated by a remote temperature-sensing probe, with field-adjustable temperature set-points and speeds. In normal operation, the fans should run at low speed only; operation for significant periods at high speed may indicate that the Cool-cube is either underpowered for the amount of heat to be removed, or cannot breathe freely due to an intake opening that is too small. The noise level generated is low in keeping with the Active Thermal policy of not ‘trading a heat problem for a noise problem’.

Cool-cube’s power module is typically placed at the exhaust end of the tubing. A compact hot air collector, or flange, is provided at the suction end of the tubing, and is easily connected to a flat surface, such as the back of a cabinet.

Order the Cool-cube with 4″ tubing if clearance allows, or with 3″ or 2″ tubing for those really tight situations. As little as 12 CFM of air movement means that the air in a typical 4′ x 3′ x 2′ cabinet will be changed every two minutes. (This assumes free air flow; real-world installations will take somewhat longer for an air exchange).
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Stream Audio from a Bluetooth Device to this Speaker and Listen to Music Anywhere

Vulcan VA114BTBLK Phantom Solo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The Vulcan VA114BTBLK Phantom Solo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker offers a simple, wireless solution to bring the audio from your tablet, cell phone, Smartphone, or computer, to a loudspeaker. It features a New Hybrid Surface Fusion Technology that incorporates a premium top-mounted speaker to enhance audio fidelity at higher frequencies while transforming a tabletop surface into a powered mini sound station. The result is a simply awesome 360° sound experience – with just one speaker. The Phantom Solo Wireless Speaker also connects to non-Bluetooth devices via an included audio jack cable (3.5mm). A USB charging cable is also included to power the built-in Lithium battery, that will allow you to enjoy up to 12 hours of playback on a full charge.

Pairing the speaker with your Bluetooth device is easy. Simply put your device into discovery mode and the press and hold the power button on the side of the Phantom Solo for about 5 seconds. LED indicator lights let you know it is ready to be paired. Then select connect on your Bluetooth device and you are done*. All you have to do now if play your music and twist the speaker to turn the volume up and down.

*Some devices may require then input of a code, as outlined in the Owner’s manual.

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